While buying a backpack, the choice of the right size matters a lot especially when you are a travel enthusiast. Backpacks can be really convenient but choosing one with an accurate size can be an intimidating task. To save you from this hassle, we have conducted a thorough 18*14*8 Backpack Size Guide.

People who love to travel or are bound to travel for business trips are aware of the strictness that various airlines impose regarding the size of a backpack. Since the most important factor of choosing a backpack is its ability to accommodate maximum things in it, people often buy extra large backpacks to serve the purpose. This, resultantly, leads them to face problems while carrying on airlines.

Generally, 18*14*8 Backpacks are the ideal size to carry while traveling. Although this size backpack is not much large, it can be your personal carry-on bag and will easily carry all of your personal items like laptop, and accessories in it.

Why do Airlines Recommend 18x14x8 Backpack?

Why do Airlines Recommend 18148 Backpack

Most airlines have made certain protocols regarding the size of the luggage. In the past, airlines allowed passengers to carry large size hand backpacks which made it tiresome for the passengers to handle in the airplane. Extra-large backpacks are not only just difficult to carry but are a way of inconvenience for the fellow passengers too. Generally, the carry-on backpacks are supposed to be kept under the seat and they ought to be small in size. This being the reason, 18*14*8 Backpacks are perfect to carry!

But First… You need to know how to measure a backpack…

How To Measure a Backpack? (18*14*8 Backpack Size Guide)

How To Measure a Backpack

Before moving on with our 18*14*8 backpack size guide, let’s see how you can choose the accurate size of a backpack. It’s not rocket size, see for yourself. 

While measuring a backpack, you need to measure two things; dimensions and volume. 

Measure the Dimensions:

Dimensions are basically the length, width, and height of a backpack. To do this, you need to have a measurement tape or a ruler. Both will do the job. Choose the tool at your convenience and measure the exterior of the backpack. Especially for travel, your backpack should be of the following dimensions; 

Height: 18 Inches 

Length: 14 Inches 

Width: 8 Inches

Moreover, you can also measure the interior compartments of your backpack with the same trick. It was easy. Right? 

Measure the Capacity: 

The second step of measuring a backpack is measuring its capacity. Capacity means the volume of a backpack. Mostly, 18*14*8 backpacks have a 35L capacity. Capacity or volume comprises the whole three-dimensional space of a backpack. 

Note: This measurement is optional. Airlines do not check the capacity of a backpack separately. They just go for its dimensions which automatically gives a rough idea regarding its volume. 

 If you intend to do this otherwise, there are two options. Measuring a backpack can be a little tricky because the volume is expressed in liters. 

  • One way is to have measuring cups and fill your backpack with lots of beans or balls. This way, you will know the actual capacity your backpack holds.
  • Another way is to multiply the dimensions of your backpack like length with width and width with height. This method is generally complicated and you will get the capacity in cubic inches this way rather than liters.

Moving further with the 18*14*8 backpack size guide, we will talk about the perks and downsides of having this specific backpack size below.

Perks of Having an 18*14*8 Backpack:

  • Ideal for traveling: While traveling, we hate carrying an unnecessary burden on our shoulders and this backpack size is perfect for people who travel regularly. 
  • Saves you from Paying Luggage fees: As mentioned earlier, airlines have certain rules regarding the size of backpacks. If a certain backpack exceeds the size limit, the passengers have to pay an extra luggage fee which can be equal to the amount of travel fee. No one wants to spend extra bucks on such matters. To save you from such a situation, an 18*14*8 backpack will be your go-to-carry backpack. 
  • Saves you from the hassle: People who travel regularly know that the placement and then delivery procedure of the luggage takes a lot of time. Having an 18*14*8 backpack will allow you to have a hassle-free journey because you will carry it with you along the journey and you won’t have to get it submitted alongside other giant pieces of luggage. 
  • Easy Placement:The feasibility that comes with 18*14*8 backpacks is impressive. Generally, airlines allow us to place our personal items on the overhead bins or beneath the seats. And, this backpack can be kept in either place easily. 

What are the Downsides? 

Honestly speaking, there are no disadvantages of carrying an 18*14*8 backpack. However, for people who love to carry a lot of things with them, this size can be an issue. Although this backpack size is sufficient to accommodate all the things that one needs on the go, for those who have a huge list of essentials, this backpack size might not be the best. 

Simply, if you wanna carry a whole load of things then it’s kind of fair to pay for them.

The Takeaway?

For the above-mentioned reasons, 18*14*8 backpacks are the best carry-on travel backpacks. Now you know the right size and also how to measure the size. I hope this 18*14*8 backpack size guide saved your time, effort, and money and was of great help for you!