The Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack is designed for travel and gym use. It has a magnetic enclosure for easy access, water-resistant materials, and side mesh. It can even be used in the gym! This backpack is also easy to clean, with a quick-drying lining. If you’re looking for a stylish everyday backpack, you can’t go wrong with this one! Read on to discover more features of the Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack.

Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack Review

Stylish & Durable

Amber & Ash Everyday Backpack is both stylish and durable. They are versatile in size and feature additional pockets for storage and sturdy zippers. If spills do occur, you can easily wash the bag in the washing machine. However, if not, it is possible to hang the bag to dry indoors or outdoors. Be sure to check the care instructions on the bag. This is especially important for older vintage bags, which can get dirty more easily than modern ones.

When washing an Amber & Ash bag, choose a gentle cycle. Choose the coldest temperature to clean, and use non-chlorine bleach. Choose the slow spin option if possible. If you want a durable bag, you will be happy with the Vera Bradley Amber & Ash everyday backpack. A few extras: It’s water-resistant and has two mesh pockets for storing technology. It also donates backpacks with food to schoolchildren. The price is higher than most other brands, but you’ll support a great cause.

Versatile Design & Internal Features

The soft exterior of the Amber & Ash everyday backpack is reminiscent of a tote bag crossed with a pack. This versatile backpack features multiple organizational features, including zippered front and back pockets and a side compartment with a tablet sleeve. It also has a key ring. If you need to carry your laptop, you’ll appreciate the secure, padded sleeve and a zippered pouch for your phone.

The Everyday Backpack’s minimal look and clean silhouette allow it to adapt to the changing environment and gear you need. Its padded Hip Belt accessory adds comfort and stability as you carry the bag. The Amber & Ash everyday backpack has a magnetic closure and is lightweight enough for daily use. The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to fit your body size and provide a comfortable fit.

Essential for Daily Use

The Amber & Ash everyday backpack is a multipurpose, 3-compartment bag. It easily accommodates your daily essentials with three spacious compartments and includes thoughtfully designed pockets and compartments. This backpack has an expandable bottom compartment and padded faux fur laptop sleeve for maximum protection and comfort. Thanks to its water-resistant material, you can also use the bag as a daily gym bag.

This everyday backpack is designed with many compartments, including a shoe compartment with double zippers. The bottom box is adjustable and features a large, spacious pocket for storing shoes. You can also attach several pieces of equipment to this bag, making it an excellent replacement for a school bag. Moreover, the sports backpack features sponge padding on the back and shoulder straps to reduce stress.

Fulfill Requirements of Modern World

The Amber & Ash is a sleek, modern daily backpack. The minimalist design is perfect for city trips and commutes. With 25 liters of storage, this backpack is the ideal companion for any commute. The laptop sleeve keeps your iPad and other electronic devices safe and secure. A Lifetime Warranty backs the bag, so you can rest assured that your purchase will be as sturdy and durable as functional.



Can I use the bottom of water bottles to hold my clothes?

It all depends on the size of your water bottle. It should allow you to fit at least one thin piece of clothing inside.

 Can you store a pair of sneakers inside the bottom zipper pocket?

They cannot be folded flat unless they’re lightweight.

 Is the material water-resistant?

It is both water-repellent and water-resistant.

Take Away!

Every day, carry goods that are easy to use. It is multi-functional and beautiful. Also, it will help you organize and protect your most essential gadgets. Amber & Ash are made from two traditional colors and materials: Amber, a beautiful stone and one of the most sought-after accessories globally, and Ash. Some cultures revere Ash for its protective powers.