To Travel is to Live”, only travel enthusiasts can get this quote well. 

Traveling, undoubtedly, is the most amazing thing in this world. An escape from daily routine life is requisite for the refreshment of the human mind and soul. Sometimes, we all want to leave for an unknown destination somewhere far in the mountains or even in the woods. We might find our lost souls in those mesmerizing destinations. But, traveling isn’t as easy as it sounds. The most vital element while traveling is our partner, which is a backpack!

First and foremost, we all need to know our partners fully. Looking at the backpack, you might wonder, what are the loops on the straps of my backpack for?

We, being the backpack experts, would advise you to keep your essential items inside the backpack. However, there are some things that you can’t keep inside your travel partner. And for that reason, those loops are of extreme help. 

So.. let’s begin with the 

What are the loops on my backpack straps for?(Anatomy of a Backpack)

Backpacks loops, also known as gear loops, are specially made to make your backpack versatile. They can be used to carry all the things that can’t be kept inside your backpack due to storage or other issues. A sleeping bag, damp clothes, or any sort of travel gear can be attached to the backpack loops. You can also call them external load-bearing handles or points because they basically carry all the external load of your backpack. 

Travel backpacks, mostly for hikers and mountaineers, have different sorts of loops attached to them. 

Any sort of thing that you do not want to store inside your backpack, these loops can help you carry them along the journey. They might seem unnecessary in the beginning, but once you are aware of their uses, they are the most useful gift that comes with your backpack.

But before answering, what are the loops on my backpack straps for? in detail – let’s explore the types of these gear loops. 

Types of Backpack Loops! (what are the loops on my backpack straps for?)

There are numerous kinds of gear loops attached to the backpacks. Some of them include,

Lash Tabs:

Lash tabs are the square or diamond-shaped patches placed on your backpack. You can easily hang your gear to them with the help of some thread elastic cords or even webbing. They are very strong and can carry your gear efficiently.

Lash Tabs
Hip Belt Loops

Hip Belt Loops:

Hip Belt is attached to the backpack with the help of gatekeeper clips and they often have zip-up pockets. You can use them to store your items. Moreover, you can also remove them when they are not in use. 

Top Lid Loops:

Not all backpacks have lash points on the top pocket area. Generally, the top lid is known as the top pocket that stands with the help of four webbing straps. You can use these points to attach your stuff.

Top Lid Loops
Compression Straps

Compression Straps:

Compression straps or backpack straps are also a great way to carry your travel gear. To serve the purpose of extra space, these straps have clips on opposite sides. You can make use of them easily.

Back Loops:

Normally, all backpacks have at least three to four loops vertically or horizontally attached on the backside. They can best handle heavy items like sleeping bags or tents. All you need is to connect them via some webbing straps or cords.

Back Loops
Bottom Loops

Bottom Loops:

Like back loops, most backpacks also come with adjustable straps on the bottom side which can be used to attach additional items to the pack.

Ice Axe Loops:

If your journey includes going through some glaciers or mountains, you would require an ice ax. However, carrying an ice axe through the journey sounds exhausting. Right? That’s where ice ax loops come to the rescue! These thin loops on the bottom of the backpacks are especially there to carry such sharp equipment like this.

Ice Axe Loops
Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains:

As its name suggests, daisy chains are kind of a loop where multiple loops are connected in the form of a chain with your backpack. This chain allows you to strap down multiple items with your backpack.

These are some of the kinds of loops that you would see in your backpacks. But, these aren’t enough. You would also need some additional accessories to make use of these straps properly. 

  • Carabiner 
  • Webbing strap 
  • Elastic or Non-elastic cords 
  • Clips 

To attach light items to your backpack, use clips, and elastic cords. Furthermore, carabiners and webbing straps are made to handle comparatively heavier items. Meanwhile, use a non-elastic cord to make it stronger to prevent swinging. 

What are the loops on my backpack straps for? (Uses)

Now that you are aware of the kinds of loops, it’s time to dive into the benefits and uses of these loops…

They add to the versatility of your backpack!

Generally, the backpacks are large enough to accommodate a whole load of things in them. 

But these loops add the versatility of backpacks and can carry such things on the journey which can’t be carried otherwise.

On a side note, talking about the versatility, backpacks now come with chargers too. No matter how long your journey is, these backpacks with chargers are there for you!

Carry additional items with you!

With loops attached to the backpack, you can carry unusual things with you on your journey and hence they expand the capacity of your backpack this way. 

Wet clothes? Hang in there!

Traveling is full of adventures and surprises. There are chances that you will experience unexpected weather conditions or might fall into the water. These loops can take care of your damp clothes too. Just hang them with the loops and they will dry them during the journey.

The Takeaway!

Now you know the answer to what are the loops on my backpack straps for? With this best of knowledge, make use of these loops and travel happily!