Nobody wants to get in a life-threatening situation. But it is not something that we decide for ourselves, and nature decides to fall into it. Though we cannot do anything about unfavorable circumstances, we can prepare ourselves for the worst.

And the best thing to prepare yourselves for survival operations is the bug out bags. While they can literally carry a house, they can save your precious life. So whether you are out in the woods exploring nature or hunting some meat, these bags are the ultimate lifesaver.

Though there are several options to buy the bug out bags, few can hold to your requirements. So if you want to know about the best bug out bags among the thousands of other options, read this guide till the end. From choosing the right bag to providing the best picks, we will cover everything.

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Should I Customize a Bug Out Bag Or Get A Pre-Designed?

The answer to this question entirely depends on your knowledge about bug out bags. If you know what comes under the term bug out bag, then you can customize the bug out bag. Moreover, if you can gather information about bug out bag functions, you can also customize them.

Although, getting a pre-build bug bag is also a good choice as you do not need to gather all the jigsaw pieces for yourself. Many adventures prefer customized bug out bags over pre-designed bags for several reasons.

First, these pre-designed bags are loaded with unnecessary gears and equipment that are no good for you. Then, depending on what you need for your next venture, you list down stuff in your customized backpack.

Secondly, you better know your location of navigation than the companies producing pre-built bags. For example, if you have to venture to rainforests, you will pack everything relating to that area. In the second scenario, if you have to scavenge towards deserts or islands, your priority will be a hydration kit, and for that, you will run for a bag that is hydration compatible.

Above all this, you know your skills better, so you will pack all the stuff related to your skills. Even a complete novice to survival can usually discover sufficient beneficial knowledge in survival books, survivalist websites, and even movies to get by on their own.

However, a pre-built bug out the pack is still a safer choice when you’re not sure in your talent or understanding to synthesize information, but you really should at least examine the idea of making it yourself.


Best Tactile – GZ XIN XING 3 day Molle Assault Pack Military Tactical Army Backpack Bug Out Bag Rucksack Daypack

GZ XIN XING 3 day Molle Backpack

The GZ XIN XING backpack can be the ultimate lifesaver with all its unique features. This Military Bug Out Bag comes with a heavy-duty design that can endure harsh conditions. With its double-stitched seams and top-quality fabric, it can easily carry the weight of all your survival equipment.

The high-density fabric is water-resistant and reduces damage so that you can take this tactical bug out bag to any rugged location. With utility-style cords and zippers, you can confidently tug and pull to gain access to your most important gear.

With a 43-liter large capacity, the MOLLE system and straps on the bag outside give you immense storage space. Besides, this webbing of this MOLLE backpack lets you attach extra tactical pouches and stuff to stay alive for three days and even more.

Plus, you will see a waterproof cover under the backpack that will save all your stuff in watery conditions. The best part is its ergonomic back design that keeps you cool and comfy all along the journey. Moreover, the hydration bladder compartment confirms you have enough water for your endeavors.


  • Double-stitched seams for ultra durability
  • High-density fabric that is waterproof
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • MOLLE system and Velcro Sternum strap for extra storage
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • Comfortable padded back and shoulders


  • Water-resistant with waterproof cover
  • Padded compartments for laptop and other gadgets
  • Molle system and Velcro strip

Best Premium Bag – Falco Tactical Backpack For Men – Military Backpack – Bug Out Bag – 50L Waterproof

Falco Tactical Backpack For Men

If you want a big bug out bag that can back up your survival supplies for more than three days, then the Falko bug out bag is a must to consider. Made from heavy-duty 600D material, it is 2.4X robust than assault packs and UV and Water-resistant; this backpack is your best pick for wild exploration.

The best thing is compression straps that can minimize the backpack from 50L to 20L. Though the tag says it is a 50L bug out bag, it is tested to carry up to 60L comfortably. This organization beast of Falko houses seven pockets at exterior, two main pockets, a dedicated compartment for the laptop, and a hydration slot.

While hauling a large bag, contentment is crucial, and the Falko Bug Out Bag encourages individual user ease. The torso contouring arm straps and ultra-durable cushioning on this military bug out bag keep the weight from pressing in the back.

You may customize your fitting and comfort with extra D-ring equipment attachments, a chest belt, and a detachable waist strap. The rear panel is also cushion-lined, with large channels for optimal circulation of air. All such advantageous characteristics are intended to assist you in carrying the bug out bag’s massive luggage volume.


  • Ultra-durable material
  • Uv-resistant and waterproof
  • Self-repairing zippers
  • Extra compartments and storage slots
  • MOLLE system and eight compression straps for additional storage
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • Cushioned and ventilated back and shoulders


  • Water-resistant and UV resistant
  • Self-repairing zippers
  • Eight external compression belts with 200LB side-release hasps

Best Overall – QT&QY 45L Military Tactical Backpacks Molle Army Assault Pack 3 Day Bug Out Bag Hiking Trekking Rucksack

QT&QY 45L Military Tactical Backpacks

When hauling a big pack, convenience is crucial, and the QT&QY 45L Military Tactical Backpacks prioritizes comfortability. The body contouring shoulder straps and extra thick cushioning on this military bug out bag keep the weight from digging into your shoulder.

You can customize your fitting and safety with extra D-ring equipment attachments, a chest strap, and a detachable waist belt. The rear panel is also foam cushioned, with large channels for optimal airflow. All of these convenient features are intended to assist you in carrying the bug out bag’s massive cargo size.

Quick-release equipment holding straps in the compartment of this 72-hour backpack assist goods from rolling about. The well-thought design of this backpack has a secure place for small items as well.

A dedicated laptop pocket, two radio pockets, and a couple of pen holsters are among the additional compartments in and around the top bag. Two big back pockets and smaller mesh pockets close to the bottom are ideal for storing emergency items and tools for easy access. The outer webbed straps, on the other hand, ensure that this backpack is MOLLE compliant.

You could even fit two 3-liter water bladders in there with 45 liters of storage capacity. This backpack also has a heavily loaded carry and pull handle so you can effortlessly handle and move your MOLLE bag with all of your stuff. Ultimately, this backpack is ideal for 72 hours or longer of on-the-go use with so much room.


  • Ultra-durable material that is water-resistant
  • The main compartment opens to 180 for easy access
  • Extra compartments and storage slots for other accessories like laptops and phones
  • MOLLE system
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • Cushioned and ventilated back and shoulders
  • A multitude of color choices


  • Special coating make it Water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Bottom webbing make for hauling outdoor tools
  • hidden water outlet

Best Value – 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack | 3 Day Assault Pack | 40L Bug Out Bag | Combat Veteran Owned Company (Black)

24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

The 24battlepack tactile bug out bag has everything you can expect from a bug out bag. Whether you want to bug out or get home, this bag got you covered for everything. This bag can adjust to any condition as it can shrink as low as 20L and get as high as 40L so that you can change it accordingly.

Moreover, it also has a Molle-compatible webbing that can further extend to your storage capacities. Finally, your stuff and goods can stay dry and content with its waterproof cotton lining. So if you encounter harsh weather during bugging out, you will be good to go.

This bag is also rich with numerous convenient features like waist belts and sternum straps. So while hauling this bag, you can secure it where you want to place it. Besides, it also has padded shoulders and a contoured back that lets you carry this bag conveniently.

The hydration bladder pouch lets you carry the water for your next run. The CCW handgun holster can let you take your weapon as well. Whether it is your laptop or your tools, you will carry them easily without damage.

The backpack is so enduring that you can haul up to 100pounds in this bag. Moreover, these zippers of the bag are glove-friendly so that you can open the bag without getting off your gloves. All in all, this 3-day backpack can be your best friend for your next trip.


  • Ultra-durable material with rugged material
  • Waterproof lining
  • Pistol holster and laptop compartment
  • MOLLE system
  • Hydration bladder compartment with drink tube
  • Cushioned and ventilated back and shoulders


  • Cotton lining to make it Water-resistant
  • Pistol holster and laptop compartment
  • One year warranty

Best for 3-Day Trip – ROARING FIRE Tactical Backpack, Army Assault Pack, Molle Backpack for The 3 Day Pack, 45L Prepper Bag

ROARING FIRE Tactical Backpack

The roaring fire backpack is yet another top-notch bug out bag. It is packed with unique features such as 900D oxford fabric, solid color, rugged built, and more. The 45 liter capacity of this backpack makes it best for you to get home safely.

The defensive waterproof pack is made of 900D Oxford water-resistant fabric, which is exceptionally robust. In addition, the black color’s material has become a little less stiff than the sandy tan color’s—rear section with vented mesh padding and delicate shoulder straps to make for increased comfort.

This 45L capacity backpack has hydration compatibility so that it may be used as a hydration pack or an outdoors hiking bag. However, the load does not have a hydration reservoir installed. A MOLLE webbing system for MOLLE pouches and attachments is necessary for every operation on the front and sides of the tactical pack.

This webbing lets you personalize your bug-out backpack by adding straps, pockets, and other elements. Compression belts on the sides keep your stuff in place while you manoeuver. Moreover, it also supports any MOLLE system with two straps on the pack’s side, and you may connect appropriate auxiliary accessories.

The shoulder strap is made of three types of anti-pressure and anti-seismic styling. The first covering of mesh fabric is airy, the next padding element preserves relaxation functionality, and the final cushion layer is for anti-pressure and anti-seismic action. Above all, the waist strap is detachable, so you can buckle up whenever you want. Considering all its features, this bag can be ideal for outdoor adventures.


  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable and comfortable to carry
  • MOLLE system
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • Cushioned and ventilated back and shoulders
  • Affordable price


  • Water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • MOLLE compatible

Best Minimalist-Style Bag – LHI Military Tactical Backpack for Men 35L 45L Army Pack BugOut Bag Molle Rucksack with Reflector

LHI Military Tactical Backpack

LHI military backpack is yet another incredible bug out bag. If things go the wrong way, this bag will have your back, thanks to its massive space and rugged build. The 900D oxford fabric of this bag is best for harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the nylon lining will make for water resistance as well.

You can carry all your gadgets securely on your endeavors since they come with a dedicated laptop compartment that can hold everything around. Without even scratching up devices, you can carry them. The inside padding will make sure they stay secure and safe.

The front of the bag comes with a unique Y-shape strap. This strap can help you to carry your stuff like a shirt, jacket, or anything else. Moreover, it also comes with a molle system that lets you attach your tactile pouches. Finally, the bag is also a reflector that means you can stay safe in the dark too.

The bag is so enduring with its heavy-duty zippers and rugged build. The double stitching across the seams makes it perfect for the wear and tear use. Moreover, the back and shoulders of the bag are fitted with all the top-notch padding, which implies that you will stay content while carrying this bag.

Whether you are out hiking or hunting, the 35 liter capacity of this bag will let you efficiently finish your journey addition. The pocket-rich design of this bag can carry your all gear and stuff conveniently, so for your next adventure, this bug out bag can be the best choice.


  • Rugged build with water-resistant nylon lining
  • Breathable and comfortable straps
  • Affordable price
  • Pocket rich design
  • Can hold gadgets


  • Water-resistant nylon lining
  • Y-strap on the front for carrying stuff
  • MOLLE compatible

Best Assault pack – Tru Salute Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bugout Bag Rucksack

Tru Salute Military Tactical Backpack

Next on the list is the Tru Salute backpack that can be a real workhorse for your next adventure. It is a trustworthy and efficient military assault pack that you can use to bug out. This Tan and black rucksack have a big central storage pocket, a Molle bag webbing fastening mechanism, and five large primary sections with lockable zip closing.

The Tru Salute bug out bag is an excellent 3-Day assault backpack for survivalists. Its military battle architecture enables quick moves in any dangerous situation, including doomsday and catastrophic situations.

This tactical backpack has a unique Molle webbing system that allows you to connect extra defensive pouches, emergency supplies, cooking utensils, navigational devices, and campsite gear, making it the best choice for safely getting back home.

Your emergency and assault supplies are secure and sound thanks to the double-stitched construction, heavy-duty zippers with paracord pull, sides and the front load compression bands, and strong 600D Tan assault fabric.

The vented and cushioned mesh back section, as well as the ergonomic shaped yoke shoulder strap arrangement, allows you to wear a significant number of heavy tools and equipment securely and comfortably. All things considered, this bag is one of the best for your adventures.


  • Waer resistant and enduring
  • A lot of pockets to carry your stuff
  • Breathable and comfortable to carry
  • MOLLE system
  • Cushioned and ventilated back and shoulders
  • Affordable price


  • Water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • pocket-rich style
  • MOLLE compatible

Best for Hunting – Military Tactical Backpack, Army Molle Bag Rucksack for Outdoor Hiking Camping Hunting

Wincent Military Tactical Backpack

Last we have the Wincent tactile backpack. This military pack comprises 600D fabric that makes it tear-resistant and robust straps and zippers. You can use this durable and water-resistant bag for your next venture.

Moreover, its 40L Large capacity allows you to carry all your tactical gear and equipment easily while travelling. Another great thing is its Molle webbing system that you can easily attach other Molle tactical pouches.

Not only the front but also sides have the Molle systems making it perfect for tactile gears. What’s more? The three D-rings for hanging things or tools, the bottom strap for fixing tentssleeping bags or other equipment, making it a fantastic bug out bag.

This Assault pack also have an adjustable shoulder strap with a contoured back. The ventilated mesh and padded design make for both breathability and comfort. This bag is durable with double-stitching seams, Heavy duty zippers along with utility-style cord pulls.

Also, you can adjust the back around your body with its side and front load compression system. You will love its Y-strap and buckle on the front that can hold more gear like sleeping mats, light jackets and sweatshirts. This bug out bag also comes with a hydration compartment to carry the bladder. All things considered, this bag can best serve your adventures.


  • Water-resistant and enduring
  • Easy to carry with its ergonomically designed back
  • MOLLE system
  • Hydration bladder compartment
  • Cushioned and ventilated back and shoulders
  • Affordable price


  • Water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • come with hydration system
  • MOLLE compatible

What are the Key features of bug out bags?

Since you will depend on your survival on the bug out bags, you need to take care of some features while buying the bug out bags.


Selecting a correctly sized bugging out backpack since packing 72 hours’ load of emergency goods into a tiny bag is impractical. Because we’re talking about three days of unknown conditions, the perfect backpack should have a considerable space to support water tanks that take up a lot of room. As a result, based on your unique needs, look for a backpack that can hold between 40 and 55 litres of gear.


When it comes to carrying backpacks, comfort comes first. The last thing during the survival game you want is the uncomfortable backpack that pinches in your shoulders. For that, you must choose a bag that comes with all the comfort features for your long commute.

A bag with a sternum strap, comfortable padded shoulders and a contoured back will be the best choice. The breath ability of the backpack from the back will make sure you can carry the beck in hot weather without getting all sweaty. Moreover, the ergonomic fit of the backpack will make sure it stays fit and secure during your commotions.

While looking for the backpack, look for an ergonomic fit of the back and comfortable shoulders so that you stay content while walking or trekking.


The organization of the bag in terms of its sleeves, pockets and pouches is the next important thing. Since you have to look for the stuff in harsh conditions, you need to organize stuff properly. For example, if you have to search for a fire starter at night, you need to know where the fire starter is; this way, you can cut your time to search. The bug out bag that comes with enough pockets and sleeves can certainly help you better organize the bag.


If problems occur, the improper luggage might draw unnecessary attention. A MOLLE-ready military backpack may be an excellent alternative in a remote location, disappearing well into the roomy back of the family vehicle or SUVs. However, in urban settings, this could draw the attention of frantic individuals. For that, you should seek a less visible option in metropolitan areas, one with “regular” colors that nevertheless has all of the critical bugs out bag characteristics.

Should I really go for a bug out bag?

A well-built, well-organized, and well-equipped bug out pack could be valued more than the gold if things go the wrong way. A bug out backpack, similar to health coverage, involves an upfront cost but may pay off handsomely when the need arises. Overall, this translates to a sense of security for both you and your friends. And this is particularly true with a bug out pack tailored to each member of the family. If you live alone or with a companion or three, planning and packing your personal bug out the pack, as well as rehearsing with your selected gear, may be a significant relief. On the other hand, training them how and where to pack your belongings is a good idea if you have very energetic and curious children.

How much should a Backpack cost?

Bear in mind that good quality and top-notch bug bags do not come cheap. You have to make a decent investment in quality of the bag, but these bags can last a decade or more in the long run. Moreover, being expensive does not mean making a hole through your pocket to get these bags.

A good quality bag with alt of pocket and compartments can cost around 40-50 dollars. Bags in this price range have many quality features like 50-litre capacity, hydration compartment, water-resistance and Molle system to carry a lot of stuff in such bags.

On the other hand, if you go for a heavy-duty tactile backpack, it will go as high as $150 or more. Note that we are talking about the backpack only, not the food and supplies. Pre-built packs with minimal requirements, including food, hydration, and first aid supplies, are also available to consumers. However, they are not always suggested. These backpacks are typically priced at a minimum of $150 and can often exceed $200. However, you will still have to fill the bags with other items, so consider these a bug out bag beginning package. For some, the convenience is well worth the price.

Why can you trust this review?

This review was curated while searching more than 100 hours for the best bug out bags. Moreover, we specialize in outdoor training and camping, which makes us able to judge the products better. Combining both over knowledge and research, we get up with the list that is best of best.

Moreover, all our bug out bags on the list are pretty reasonable and cost you no more than $50, so our list is best for a tactile backpack that’s rich in features.

The Takeaway?

While out in the woods, the only thing you rely on is your gear and bag. So for that, you need to select the bug out bags carefully. Here in this product review, we have all the best picks you can trust for your survival.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best size for a bug out bag?

The bug out bag that can fit all your gear and equipment is a must for your venture. A bag that can fit 45-55 litres of luggage is the best choice. It can easily carry all your critical supplies without even overloading. Also, it can carry your sleeping mats with its outside straps.

What should you not put in Your Bug Out Bag?

In the bug out bag, you must not carry these items.
  • Canned Food
  • Heavyweight tools that can weigh you down during the ventures
  • Anything that comprised of Cast Iron
  • Excess Toiletries or beauty products
  • Plastic utensils or goods
  • Sleeping Bags that weigh more
  • Tents
  • Camping Lanterns

Is a bug out bag worth it?

Bug out bags may be a crucial and practical element of your emergency preparations. You’ll be ready for any emergency at a single glance if you make a bug out pack that is genuinely helpful. A bug out bag is a 72-hour emergency pack that can be easily carried around with you.

Why do people call it a bug out bag?

Most army pilots carry “bail-out bags” emergency supplies, which is connected to and likely quoted as saying “bug out bag.” In the U.s, the word alludes to the practice of the US Army during the Korean War of marking alternate defense locations in case the troops had to retire.
Military Tactical Backpacks