Everyday backpacks are a great way to create a home away from home. The best everyday carry backpacks are practical and useful. They are also designed to enhance your workwear, whether it’s a suit or casual outfit.
Suppose you need an EDC backpack that is stylish, durable, and comfortable to carry from morning to night, whether you are biking to work or need something to hold your coffee. In that case, you are in the right place.
You can organize your belongings in many pockets and compartments. These backpacks will make your life easier and allow you to have a smooth flow throughout your day. These will enable you to take on any challenge the world may throw at you with your best EDC Backpack.

EDC Backpack…! What does it mean?

The Everyday Carry Backpack, or EDC Backpack, is pretty self-explanatory. This pack will allow you to take everything you need with you when you set out for the day. Since the dawn of time, Everyday Carry (EDC) has been around.

EDCs can contain everything from phones, wallets, first aid kits, pocket knives, cool pens, headphones, and all the latest gadgets. My EDC is simple. I carry my keys, phone, wallet, and headphones. My EDC was modified to be more outdoors-oriented when I worked as a guide in Canada’s Rockies. It included a multitool and first aid kit, bear spray, extra layers, and an additional layer.

What does all this mean? What are you carrying daily to work and around town? Is your backpack big enough to hold all these things? Are they organized? These packs are designed for daily carry and provide ample storage and organization for urban travel and backcountry activities. 

You should know how to buy EDC Backpack.

Consider Size

The smallest bag is best for daily use. A bag that allows you to modify the size and add or remove items. A pack with MOLLE integration allows for great customization.

Should be daily useable

Comfort and convenience are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a product.

Travelling Comfort

An everyday backpack that can be used as both a regular carry-on bag and a travel backpack should be a great choice. It should meet your travel, school, and work carrying needs.

Best EDC Backpacks are more useful than regular bags in airports. They offer the ability to pack down more than standard backpacks and can be carried in a smaller size. You don’t need to pay baggage fees or check-in your luggage.

Other outdoor activities

An EDC pack is the best choice if you enjoy hiking and trekking. Trekkers and hikers often prefer smaller, more convenient backpacks that can hold all their essentials. This is where your EDC can be a great help.

It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to transport on strenuous treks. At the same time, it has enough space to store all your gear for a short hike.

Let’s get started! And find the best EDC Backpacks.

Best EDC BackPacks

Aer Flight Pack 2 – Best EDC Backpack for Travel

Aer Flight Pack 2

Aer has a wide range of backpacks and travel packs that are perfect for urban jungle living. This rule is not broken by Flightpack 2. This pack is perfect for daily commutes or as a business travel carry-on. The Aer Fly Pack 2 was named the Best Everyday Travel Backpack. Although it’s not large enough to carry a single bag, it can be used as a carry-on with another piece of luggage. You can also purchase single-bag travel packs.

Storage and Organization

The Flightpack 2 is very well organized and has great pockets. It is similar to the Aer Travel Pack 2 but in a smaller size. The top of the pack has a quick access pocket that can store smaller items such as your wallet or passport. The front of the bag has a zippered pocket that is perfect for maps and books

The zipper at the top of the pack opens to the top half of the bag. Inside this pocket is a world of possibilities. You can store your phone, camera, notebooks, and pens in smaller pockets. The bag also has a zippered water bottle pocket on the exterior. This is great for keeping your water safe, but it is also convenient to have in case you need it.

There are two pockets on the back of the main compartment that can hold your tablet or a small notebook. For added organization, there are also some small open-top pockets. It weighs in at 19l. This bag isn’t large and can be used as a gym bag. It is ideal for commuters or frequent flyers who only need to carry their work essentials.


Aer chose to use three types of carrying for the Flypack 2. The standard backpack style has hideaway straps. There’s also a briefcase-style with side handles and a suitcase-style that can be carried over the shoulder. The backpack also has a pass-through section that allows the bag to slide onto a rolling luggage handle extended handle. This makes it easy to transport to the airport.

We often see that comfort is overlooked in these types of backpacks. Aer has done a great job keeping all of their carrying options comfortable. All the handles and straps are clean and look great in a boardroom, college lecture hall, or other public space.

Material & Durability

The Flight Pack 2 has 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon. These words are just a few that tell you it is very durable and will not let go. The zippers are YKK which is also a good thing. The zipper pulls are long, easy to use, and lockable in the main compartment and the top front pocket. This will allow you to keep all your valuables hidden.

The North Face Borealis – Best EDC Backpack for a Student

The North Face Borealis

The North Face Borealis is a beautiful piece that looks right at home on college campuses. The quality of all North Face products is guaranteed, and there are 17 color options. The North Face Borealis is our top pick for the best everyday carry bag for students in 2022. Continue reading to learn why!

Storage and Organization

The Borealis is very simple to set up. The zippered, fleece-lined laptop pocket is located close to the back. It is big enough for a 15-inch laptop. You will find the main compartment next. This is big enough to hold your lunch and your books, depending on what you need. A smaller, half-zip pocket is located in front of the main compartment.

 This pocket can store all your small necessities, including your phone, sunglasses, notebooks, cards, and phones. The front of the pack has a fleece-lined pocket that can hold your cellphones or sunglasses. Each pocket serves a great purpose, and I would use them every day while using the Borealis.
There are also dual water bottle pockets to the sides. One water bottle pocket allows quick access to their cell phones for those who don’t have pockets on their pants. The bag’s front has a bungee system, which can be used to strap an extra blanket or layer for study sessions “out on the grass.” It’s easy to see how useful the Borealis bag would be for students. Even their website mentions books and binders.


The North Face Borealis was created by a company that specializes in making gear for extreme outdoor environments. It is not surprising that they can create a backpack that is comfortable for students. FlexVent technology is used in the back panel to keep it cool and allow airflow.

It is not the worst thing to ride to school in a heatwave and have a sweaty back because of a bulky, non-breathable backpack. The shoulder straps have a well-padded sternum strap and a whistle. This is useful for late-night walks home from studying or for everyday biking commutes.

It is removable and has a thin waist belt. There is also a version for women available at the Borealis.

Material & Durability

The North Face Borealis uses 600D polyester for the main fabric and 500D nylon as accessories. Both fabrics are extremely durable and can withstand haul books, binders, and computers around on buses. A lifetime warranty is included on the bag, which is always nice.

Wayfarer Backpack – Best EDC for Gym Goers

Wayfarer Backpack

David, a German man, designed the Wayfarer Backpack. This is it. This bag is simple and elegant. This Wayfarer backpack is an amazing example of ingenuity. It uses some closure methods we don’t see very often. This bag is perfect for business people who love the gym. It has a lot of pockets and functionality. That’s why it was nominated for Best EDC Backpack for Gym Goers in 2022.

Storage and Organization

A padded laptop sleeve is located near the back, accessible from the top. It has a semi-roll-top design and is sealed with a solid magnetic closure that keeps the bag shut and prevents moisture from entering. The main compartment is accessible via parallel zippers at the bag’s front.

The interior storage features include an open-top compartment at the back and two smaller zippered pockets for additional organization.

The bag’s exterior has a large hydration pocket that can hold large water bottles. Three smaller pockets are available for quick access to items such as passports, wallets, or phones. These pockets are very slim so that you can fit a lot of stuff in them. The bottom of the bag has a zippered compartment that can be used for shoes, but it could also double as a laundry pocket or large layers pocket.

 It is equipped with venting holes to help keep any odors from getting into your cargo. The bag has very few pockets and zippers.

However, that simplicity is Dayfarer Backpacks’ strength. Everything still has a home, even though it is designed for multiple pursuits. This pack will allow you to only bring one bag per day.


The back panel and shoulder straps are comfortable and padded. Several air channels and the back panel keep the body cool and prevent sweat from building up. The pack can be carried in many ways, thanks to the side and top handles.

Material & Durability

The backpack’s main body is made from 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon, which is bombproof. The exterior coating is water repellent to protect the contents.
You guessed it: YKK Aquaguard zippers for water repellent seams. The main compartment has Duraflex hardware and a Fidlock closure. This bag is full of burly, ready to rumble.

Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack – Best EDC Backpack for Carry-on

Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack

Tortuga featured prominently in our Backpacks article. It was featured with their Set out backpacks and Outbreaker backpacks. Both bags are great for single-bag travel. Because it isn’t as large as you might need, the Setout Laptop Bag doesn’t quite fit in the single-bag travel companion category. 

The Setout Laptop Bag is small and well-organized, making it a great EDC backpack. These are just a few of the reasons it was awarded our Best EDC Backpack to Carry-on Award.

Storage and Organization

Tortuga backpacks can be used for simple yet efficient tasks. This principle is not different from the Setout laptop backpack. The bag’s exterior has only three pockets. The bag’s front pocket is small and perfect for smaller items such as notebooks and passports.

The bag also has a burly key clip, so your car keys don’t fall out at the airport.
You can easily access the main compartment from the large opening. This makes packing easy. Two mesh zippered pockets are located along the top of the main compartment. 

These pockets are ideal for personal items and toiletries. The backpack has approximately 25l storage. This is enough to store a change of clothes and other essentials for commutes or workdays.


Tortuga The shoulder straps and back panel are covered with injection-molded padding. Although not the most comfortable, they are easily stowed, making it easy to travel. The back panel also has air channels that allow for breathability, so you can use the bag while traveling.
To improve comfort when carrying the bag, the shoulder straps have been contoured. The pack’s weight is distributed along the chest by the adjustable, removable sternum strap.

Material & Durability

Tortuga is known for its quality bags and long-lasting durability. The Outbreaker is our most durable bag, partly due to its sailcloth design. The Setout Laptop Backpack is made of the same material as their Setout Backpack. The main material is 900D polyester, which is then coated with a DWR finish.
The zippers have a lockable YKK zip, and all other hardware and buckles are Duraflex. This bag will withstand any abuse while you travel around the globe or in a jet setting.

GoRuck GR1 – Best EDC Camera Bag

GoRuck GR1

GoRuck builds indestructible bags. The bags are tactical in design and include Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) hookups. Ex-military personnel founded the company, which is evident in their designs. The GR1 Everyday Carry Bag is their smallest bag. It still feels a little larger than what I would prefer for an EDC pack.

Storage and Organization

We like the GoRuck GR1 backpack. It is a simple backpack with a few customization options. The Molle attachments allow customization with Molle compatible bags, which are also sold separately by GoRuck and other tactical/hunting companies.
The pack’s front has a large “quick-access” pocket that runs down to the bottom. The problem with this pocket is that it becomes difficult to access when the pack is full.
The main compartment has an elastic pocket with an open top that can hold a hydration bladder. There is also an access point to the top handle for the hose. EDC packs are not often equipped with hydration bladders, so GoRuck is a welcome addition.

The best part is that the entire hydration bladder setup can be hidden, so it doesn’t appear like you’re on a weekend hike. Molle attachments are available for the internal organization in the main compartment at the back. Some may find it too extravagant, while others love the endless customization possibilities.

 Two zippered pockets are located along the front of the GR1 main compartment. One is mesh; the other is cloth. They can be used to access items quickly.
The GoRuck® GR1 does not have too much storage. There is plenty of space in the main compartment. The pack does not have water bottle pockets, which is a rare feature in EDC packs. However, the Molle straps, and the compatibility with hydration, allow you to store lots of water.


The GoRuck® GR1 has two simple backpack straps. These straps are very well padded, but they do not include a hip belt or chest straps. It is unlikely that you will need a hipbelt for most EDC packs. The back panel of the GR1 is extremely rigid. This helps spread the load along the wearer’s back. The GR1 is very comfortable and well padded.

Material & Durability

This is where they stand out from the rest. GoRuck ensures that their gear lasts. Period. Everything in this pack is bombproof, thanks to 1000D Cordura nylon with #10 YKK zips. It is easy to use zipper pulls that are long and simple, which makes the experience more enjoyable. You can also get the SCARS Lifetime Guarantee from GoRuck without a receipt. Your GoRuck pack will likely outlive yours.

Osprey Daylite Plus – Best EDC Pack for University Students

Osprey Daylite Plus

A backpack list would be incomplete without an Osprey. The Daylite Plus has been redesigned from the original Daylite. Osprey created the original Daylite Series as a companion bag for their larger bags. The Daylite could be attached to large backpacks like the Aether/Ariel or Volt/Viva.

A smaller backpack is a great option for traveling, especially if you don’t want to carry your large pack around while exploring the city. The Daylite Plus is still a great addition to an Osprey larger pack, but it can also be used as an EDC backpack.

Storage and Organization

This pack is small but powerful when it comes down to organization. The Osprey Daylite Plus packs 20l of gear and has plenty of storage. The main compartment also has padded laptop sleeves that are secured with a buckle. The main compartment also has a hydration bladder pocket. This is ideal for small daypacks. For a full list of our favorite hiking daypacks, see our Best Hunting Daypacks of 2022 article.
The backpack has two water bottle pockets on the exterior. They are large enough to hold a Nalgene but maybe a bit tight. The zippered pocket at the top of your pack is ideal for small valuables and keeps them organized. This pocket is great for candy and snacks, but that’s just our opinion.
You can also store extra clothing in the stretch stuff pocket. The bottom has a drainage hole for inclement weather. A small zippered pocket on the exterior of the stuff pocket can be used to store your phone or wallet. The Osprey Daylite Plus offers a great mix of hiking and commute, even though it is more outdoorsy. However, the organization can be used for both.


Are we supposed to be in comfort? After all, it’s an Osprey backpack. Without knowing how to make backpacks that keep people happy while on the move, creating a huge backpacking company would be difficult.
Daylite has been designed to be very practical. The back panel ventilation is achieved by using a stretch mesh and slotted foam. Spacer mesh shoulder straps allow for air circulation to help reduce sweaty shoulders. 

Although the pack includes a small hipbelt perfect for the size, it is difficult to find a heavy bag with 20l storage. It is useful when the backpack finds itself on the trail or exploring new cities.

Material & Durability

The Osprey Daylite Plus uses a 210D Double Diamond Ripstop nylon, which is strong stuff. Although it is not as strong as the 1000D Cordura used by the GoRuck, you don’t need to. The 1 lb pack weighs less than the GoRuck’s 3.2. We think it is lighter and more organized. Each pack is different in EDC, so we won’t compare apples to oranges.

Double Diamond Ripstop Nylon can carry 20l of gear, as well as the wear and tear of hiking or travel. Don’t worry about your backpack breaking during a trip or spilling all your possessions onto Kathmandu’s streets.

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault – Best EDC Day Hiking Pack

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault

Mystery Ranch creates unique packs. Their signature tri-zipper allows easy access to the main compartment of many packs. Their first venture into EDC, the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault, is a fantastic little pack. The Urban Assault comes in 18l, 21l, and 24l. It is inspired by the US Military but is extremely easy to use.

Storage and Organization

This is one of the easiest explanations for storage and organization. The top of the pack has a zippered pocket that allows quick access to small items like keys and phones. There are no other accessories, aside from a few gear loops around the pack’s exterior.

The main compartment is where the Urban Assault takes place. The trip opens to reveal the main compartment. Inside, you will find two pockets that can hold a tablet or laptop. To protect them from accidental drops, both pockets have a two-inch clearance from the pack’s bottom.

For better internal organization, zippered accessory pockets are located inside the main compartment of each “wing.” That’s it. The Urban Assault is very simple. We are not used to the minor details on the pack’s exterior, such as a water bottle pocket and a stash pocket for extra layers. However, all that can be stored in the main compartment is fine.


Mystery Ranch created a comfortable pack. The Urban Assault has a comfortable fit thanks to its overly cushioned shoulder straps and sternum strap. Aerospace mesh ventilation is found along with the back panel. This allows for comfortable use even over long periods. For added comfort and protection, the frame sheet is full-length.

Material & Durability

Their build quality will not disappoint you again at Mystery Ranch. One reviewer said that the pack could withstand a motorcycle accident, as it protected the wearer. This is serious testing in the real world!
The 500D Cordura nylon is used to make the pack. The HDPE frame sheet is strong and will withstand the test of time. The pack also includes YKK zippers. A weatherproofing cover is included to protect your gear.

Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack – Best EDC Backpack for Travel

Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 was founded in San Francisco, which seems to be home to all American backpack manufacturers. They were not only looking to make backpacks but also to live a life. However, they have made some great bags along the way.

Their standard backpack, the Parkside Laptop Backpack, is one of their most popular models. However, their original focus was on messenger bags. The Parkside bag is great for corporate boards and college campuses. It’s also functional and affordable.

Storage and Organization

The Timbuk2 Parkside has a simple design, which we like to think of as a plus. The main compartment can hold everything, from clothes to shoes to all your binders. The laptop can be stored in the open compartment at the back of this main compartment. This pocket also has a false bottom to protect the laptop from being dropped too hard.

The clamshell pocket is located near the front of the bag. It is narrow but can hold a tablet and other smaller items like pens and pencils. Two smaller pockets are located on the front. These pockets are ideal for small valuables. The bottom pocket has a top opening, which is great for keys and a wallet. 

In contrast, the upper pocket is side-opening and is perfect for sunglasses, a passport, or a cellphone. This bag has a pocket for everything, but it’s not overly complicated as some backpacks try to do everything.


Comfort is not the main consideration in most EDC backpacks we’ve seen. Although the straps are lightly padded, they are attached to the pack by a thin layer of webbing. This can cause the straps to twist while you put the pack on.

We don’t recommend using sternum or hip belts on an EDC bag. The Parkside’s back panel has some padding for ventilation. It protects your laptop and is important at the end.

Material & Durability

Although the Parkside Laptop Backpack makes it easy to find the material, it feels like nylon or polyester. The pack is sturdy and will withstand the daily grind of running to catch a bus or commuting. This pack is not weatherproofed, so don’t wear it if you are going to be outside. Your cargo may get wet.

Tom Bihn Synapse – Best EDC Backpack for the Gym

Tom Bihn enjoys a cult following because people love their products. The products were designed, manufactured, and made in the USA by a small team of 47 people in Seattle, Washington. They are truly unique. Each pack is custom-made for each customer, thanks to the customization allowed with their products.

The Synapse 25 comes in 11 colors and can have the interior or exterior color changed. This type of customization is rare in backpacks because of the need for mass production. However, Synapse 25 is $220. We thought it worth it for a backpack that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Storage and Organization

You can see that these backpacks are made with care. The backpack makers seem to want online customers to fully understand the packs before making a purchase. Although the 18-page description of the product and its features isn’t exactly eye-catching, it does show that they want all their customers to be fully informed.

Let’s take a look at the bag and see what we can do to summarize it. The front of the bag has five pockets. Their “hydration” pocket is located in the center of the pack. It is large enough for a 1-liter water bladder or hydration bottle to fit into. The hose can be clipped to the shoulder straps. A small zippered pocket is located below this pocket to store keys or wallets.

A small zippered pocket is located below this pocket to store keys or wallets.
Two vertical zippered pockets are located on the “wings,” which provide interior storage for small cameras, pens, pencils, and other items. The bottom pocket is large and zippered. It can hold additional layers, larger items, such as a first aid kit, or even a smaller DSLR camera. You can think about all the stuff that you already have, and this is just the front!

The main compartment has ample space for larger items and a 15-inch laptop. Cache’s our tablet and laptop cases that attach to rails and allow seamless entry and exit from the pack. An open-top pocket provides additional storage at the top of the main compartment.
Tom Bihn loves O-rings, as do their customers. These little accessories allow you to attach additional Tom Bihn accessories (sold separately) to your pack.
Although we tried to keep this brief and sweet, the versatility and adaptability of this pack feel almost limitless. We aren’t big fans of the centrally mounted hydration pocket. But, after some practice, it may be just fine.


The back panel suspension features an HDPE frame with an adjustable aluminum stay. The back panel is made from closed-cell foam and has an exterior mesh and nylon for comfort and breathability. The mesh and nylon combination does not disappoint.
The Synapse25 also includes a removable, very thin hipbelt. The hip belt distributes the pack’s weight and keeps it secure for outdoor adventures. The shoulder straps have been slightly contoured for a better fit around the neck, shoulders, and back.

Material & Durability

Tom Bihn offers both a 400D Halcyon as well as a 525D High-Tenacity Ballistic Nylon for this pack. The 525D nylon was the only exterior material available, with the 200D Halcyon being the interior material. Although the 525D makes the pack slightly heavier, it is more durable and better suited to outdoor pursuits.
The zippers of this pack are made with YKK Aquaguard water-repellent zippers. They are extremely durable and can keep your gear dry even in light rainstorms. This Tom Bihn pack is made to last. You’ll see why we like their website.

What to consider in best EDC Backpack

 You want a bag you can use day in and day out, so it’s a smart idea to invest in a high-quality everyday backpack instead of buying something that might break on the road or a hike. You can rest assured that your backpack will last a lifetime if you buy it from a well-respected brand.

It should be adjustable.

Every person is unique in their size, so it’s not a good idea to buy one bag that fits all. You should choose a bag that is perfect for you and doesn’t restrict your movements. Adjustable shoulder straps, sternum straps, and waist belts can be used to set the settings so you can comfortably carry them without putting too much strain on your back or shoulders.

It should be properly organized.

An EDC backpack with multiple compartments and organization pockets is a good choice. The best everyday backpacks are well-designed and have easy-to-use organization. It is important to have a good layout as you will need to carry all your daily essentials. Spending too much time looking for them can lead you to be very frustrated.

It should be hydrant.

You should look for a solution with a water hydration system. This will allow you to keep hydrated while you travel, hike or trek. By not having to carry an additional water bottle, a hydration system can help you save space.

MOLLE Integration

MOLLE integration is an important feature in an EDC package as it allows for endless customization possibilities. 

What not to consider in best EDC Backpack

It is essential to know what features are important. Still, it is equally important to know which features you should avoid when shopping for an EDC backpack.

One Large Compartment

You don’t want to have just one large compartment that holds all your daily necessities. This will make it difficult to find what you need and confuse you. You can organize your stuff better by using multiple pockets and compartments.

Elastic Straps

Cheap quality bags often have elastic straps that are cheap to save money. This not only causes shoulder, neck, and back pain but can also cause injury. You want something with adjustable shoulder straps that are strong and have padding. This will provide long-lasting comfort and make it easier to carry for longer periods.

How Did We Judge?

What makes a bag one of the Top EDC Backpacks in 2022? It was easy to judge. Is the backpack big enough to hold all of the things you might need throughout the day? It is important that the backpack can hold all of your laptops, as many people commute with them. Organization and storage are crucial.

 Comfort is another important aspect. You will be carrying your bag around most of the day. Material and durability are the most important factors. Even though the bag might have the most stylish pockets, if the zipper or pack tears, it will cause headaches.

We also considered the cost of the backpack. Some backpacks are more expensive than others. This is often due to the material and the place where it was made. While backpacks made in China are more expensive, they have a lower carbon footprint. They can be less durable than backpacks made in the USA or Canada. 

However, many people believe that these backpacks last longer and are of better quality. While price is an important consideration, many other factors should be considered when determining the cost of a backpack.


You have it. This list includes everything you need to know about EDC packs, including gym bags and travel backpacks. These everyday carry bags are comfortable and durable, so if you’re fed up with awkward totes or backpacks that rip at the seams, it might be time to get one.
It’s 2022, and there are so many great options that I don’t have an excuse not to have a backpack I can use every day. Everyday pack is not something you should have, amigos.
You can choose to go with an all-around option such as the Aer Mini Travel Pack or something like the Aer Duffel Bag. An EDC pack will help you stay organized in all your daily activities.
Good luck in your search for the perfect backpack to fit your daily life.
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