Best Tumi Backpack

Whether you want to take the backpack games to a prestigious level or keep convenience at max, the Tumi backpacks are the ultimate choice.

Are you more of a man on wheels? Is your job ask you to travel here and there? Or you want to keep things organized in a luxurious backpack? If any of this is a yes for you, you need to consider getting a Tumi backpack. With a there vast range of backpacks, you are open to endless options.

Since their inception in 1975, the Tumi has gained decades-long fame, owing to their sleek and minimalistic style. Furthermore, these crack packs can be a real workhorse since they can endure years and years of use without wearing off.

So if you are here to find the best Tumi backpacks for your need, read this guide until the end. We promise that you will not regret reading it.

What Makes a Tumi Backpack Different?

The first question that has been bud in my mind is why I should buy a Tumi backpack. So first, we will address your inquiry.

Tumi was incepted in 1975 and took inspiration from a Peru celebrity whom owner Charlie Clifford knew and admired during his time in the Peace Corps in South America.

Few years after its inception in the 1980s, Tumi’s signature black-on-black ballistic nylon bags and cases got in the limelight. As a result, people were more inclined to these bags and cases for traveling. Now, Tumi has launched several stylish and convenient bags for the collection.

Tumi is renowned for its technological advances, including its outstanding appearance and crisp design. However, until being sold to the public, every backpack in its designs is subjected to a series of 30 different but highly demanding tests.

Tumi is known for pioneering new advances in traveling comfort, leveraging modern technology to create luggage that can recharge your smartphone while you’re on the road, and innovative storage choices for notebooks, tablets, and other expensive things.

Each item in the Tumi range is built to last you a lifetime of traveling. Plus, you will get 2-5 years of warranty backup with each item of Tumi.

Features of the Best Tumi Laptop Bag

There is a reason for the hype of Tumi bags and luggage. One that they have Tumi tracer technology, exclusively for Tumi bag’s owner. Plus, they have a Tumi T-pass, which is one of the distinctive features. Below I’m mentioning these techs.

What is Tumi Tracer?

The Tumi backpacks often house a Tumi Tracer Technology. Tumi traces is an exclusive product recovery process that Tumi offers to recover lost or stolen bags. The Tumi tracer incorporates a unique identity tracer number that is 20 digits long. In addition, the metal plate is come fitted with the Tumi bags.

The number on the plate is connected to the inventory, where all the owner’s contact information is stored. So the chances are that if the team Tumi finds the bag, the Tumi tracer will give them enough information to give the bag back to you.

Each Tumi bag user needs to initially enroll their bag on the Tumi website to acquire the full benefit of Tumi Tracer innovation. The server will be able to connect the bag to your identity and personal data due to this.

The excellent news is Tumi Tracer is eligible to access for every owner without any additional charges. Plus, enrolling your Tumi bag is advised if you plan to travel using your Tumi goods.

What is Tumi T-Pass?

Tumi T-Pass is a unique system that enables travelers to easily and quickly meet TSA screening criteria. The Tumi T-Pass design is featured on special Tumi backpacks, and you’ll note that they all contain a distinctive laptop section that expands like it’s a clam.

The laptops can be scanned without needing to take them out of the backpack because of their construction. Therefore, Tumi T-Pass is ideal for frequent travelers who wouldn’t want to be held up by Airport or TSA security procedures.

Best Tumi Backpacks

Best Unisex: TUMI – Alpha 3 Brief Pack

TUMI - Alpha 3 Brief Pack

Alpha three brief backpacks are ready to serve both men and women for their luggage carrying needs. Although more inclined to masculine look, this backpack is still, women can cherish it for daily use thanks to its well-engineered built.

It can easily store everything from your laptop to your little stuff like keys and cards to your documents. The well-engineered design combines with Ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon fabric and makes an outclass product.

The padded laptop and tablet pocket, a key leash, and many other storage options make it one of the best. In addition, you will take a sigh of relief with its large main compartment since you can store books and clothes in it too.

One of its side zipper compartments is spacious enough for a water bottle, while the other is water-resistant for storing damp items.  On its front, there are three more zip-up compartments that can store goods.

As with most Tumi backpacks, this backpack includes an integrated Tumi-Tracer, which allows you to locate your luggage if they go missing. Our guide to the best Tumi backpack has further information about this.

Overall, a superb Tumi backpack, with the main issue being that the zippers can sometimes snag on the cloth.


  • Numerous interior and exterior pockets.
  • Comprises a padded compartment for laptop and tablet pocket.
  • Waterproof side pocket
  • Ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon built.
  • Dual-coil zipper break-away design.
  • Completely comfortable to carry with padded adjustable straps and leather-wrapped carrying handle.
  • TUMI Tracer compatible
  • Add-A-Bag Sleeve for Effortless carrying with one hand.
  • Comfortable with ergonomic design
  • Tumi tracer
  • Durably made
  • Numerous pockets
  • Best for traveling
  • Zippers can sometimes catch the fabric inside

Best for Professional Women: TUMI – Voyageur Hartford Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Voyageur Hartford Laptop Backpack

If you want a super easy to organize backpack with many zippers and pockets, consider getting this voyageur Hartford from Tumi. Its double zipper entry to the main compartment can open a whole world of organizing stuff to you.

Inside you will see a padded laptop sleeve with a zipper. You can place a screen as significant as 3-inches into this pocket. Furthermore, you can keep your quick access items into its double zip front U-zip pocket. This pocket-rich backpack further has a side media pocket.

Suppose you want to keep your cell phone closer but not in hand, then place it into a quick-access phone pocket with a magnetic strap. Furthermore, its side water-resistant pocket can help keep wet umbrellas or water bottles in the backpack without wetting other stuff.

The backpack is super easy to carry with its adjustable straps and padding. Plus, you easily carry it along with other briefcases owing to its add-on-the-bag sleeve for putting it into the briefcase handle. All in all, this backpack is one of the best things to its sturdy built and well though design.


  • Plentiful interior and exterior pockets.
  • Dedicated compartment for minor belonging like cards, mobile, and keys, etc.
  • Comprises a padded compartment for gadgets.
  • Waterproof side pocket for wet umbrella or water bottle.
  • Leather top handle
  • Padded straps
  • TUMI Tracer compatible
  • Add-A-Bag Sleeve for Effortless carrying with other Tumi suitcases.
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Sleek look
  • Tumi tracer
  • Various size pockets
  • The laptop pocket might be small for bigger laptops

Best for Traveling: TUMI – Voyageur Brooklyn Laptop Backpack

 Best for Traveling: TUMI – Voyageur Brooklyn Laptop Backpack

This ultra-lightweight backpack features a distinctive double-zippered shoe pocket with even a water-resistant liner. This bag provides plenty of interior space despite retaining a compact and attractive form, making it ideal for extended trips or taking your workout gear to the office.’ beside.

You can also retain your electronic goods protected with a padded laptop sleeve or compartment that can accommodate up to a 15-inch screen, a card pocket, a pen pocket, and three media pockets. The back room with quick access provides easy accessibility when you need anything, and the front zippered pocket with a locking zip keeps your cash and mobile phone protected everywhere you go.

The cushioned shoulder straps are customizable for comfort, and the suede upper handles and Add-A-Bag sleeve give you even more carrying options. To round off the Voyageur collection, there are matching shoulder bags, purses, and travel bags.


  • Double-zip entry to the main compartment,
  • Zippered laptop compartment
  • Double-zippered bottom shoe compartment with a water-resistant lining,
  • The front zip pocket has a locking zipper pull,
  • Quick-access pocket at the back with magnetic snap
  • Perfect for travlling
  • Waterproof shoe compartment
  • Tumi tracer
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Different size pockets
  • Not found any

Premium Quality: TUMI – Alpha Bravo Nathan Leather Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Alpha Bravo Nathan Leather Laptop Backpack

This is yet another fabulous Tumi bag that worked extremely fine at the office as these do for college, evenings out, or adventures away from home, thanks to its excellent timeless aesthetics and use of the best leather.

The primary pocket expands with a zipper, allowing you to carry so much when necessary. Accessible pockets, an easy-access rear compartment, and waterproof side pockets, along with specialized card and pen holders, are among the many organizational options available.

The incorporated laptop area may also accommodate screens up to 14 inches wide. This shoulder bag is easy to transport in whatever circumstance, thanks to flexible straps and a robust leather gripping handle.

The Add-A-Bag sleeve fits over the top of your luggage to provide a handy and safe transportation system, making it more useful on longer trips. All in all, you can stop your premium quality backpack chase here with this backpack from Tumi.


  • A multipurpose, contemporary backpack perfect for everyday use and traveling.
  • Features numerous organizing pockets, including a dedicated laptop and tablet compartment with padding
  • A quick-access back pocket comes with a hidden magnetic snap for easy access.
  • Webbing top carry handles with leather accent
  • Inspired by military gear, with attention to functionality and versatility
  • Houses a Tumi tracer
  • Classic looking
  • Padded gadgets compartment
  • Quick access pocket
  • Tumi tracer
  • Comfortable
  • Travel friendly
  • Zips might jingle too much

Best Laptop: TUMI – Harrison Osborn Roll Top Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Harrison Osborn Roll Top Laptop Backpack

If you want an equally stylish backpack and convenient for carrying goods, consider getting a Harrison Osborn roll-top backpack. This back has a timeless and sleek design that will make you fall in love with its looks.

Its fold-over front flap comes with a compression strap and a speed that can let you easily open the backpack. At its main compartment, you will see an L-zipper that opens the compartment wide enough for easy placing things. The back compartment also has many storage options inside.

Inside the main compartment, you will get a padded laptop pocket for upto 5 inches laptop, three open pockets, long card pocket. You can also conveniently store small goods like pens and keys in the backpack in their dedicated slots.

The padded and adjustable strap of the backpack makes walking with luggage a breeze. Plus, the attention to small details and careful crafting of the backpack with nylon tricot make it one of the best options for backpacks.


  • The fold-over flap at the front, along with a compression strap and speed clip
  • L-zippered main compartment interior
  • The Zip divider enables interior access to the main compartment from the secondary compartment.
  • It contains a padded laptop pocket and key leash,
  • TUMI tracer
  • Comprise of Nylon Tricot.
  • Modern looking
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Quick access back pocket
  • Tumi tracer
  • Comfortable to carry
  • None

Best for Women: TUMI – Voyageur Hannah Leather Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Voyageur Hannah Leather Laptop Backpack

The next backpack on our list is the voyageur Hannah leather backpack. This backpack offers several useful features, but it’s the looks of the backpack are unparalleled. The polished look of the backpack combines with perfect compartments and makes for one of the best backpacks.

This backpack can store a laptop safely with its padded compartment. Moreover, it can carry a lot of stuff in its compact size. If you plan your next trip, consider putting a dress or two in this backpack for your trip.

The golden accents of the zippers provide a feel of class and style. Upon opening the zip, you will get several zippered and unzipped pockets for storing more goods. The waterproof bottle pocket can also be accessible from the inside of the main compartment.

The padded shoulder of the backpack is so comfortable that you do not feel any burden on your shoulders. The ad on the sleeve is the next thing for easy carrying while traveling. All things considered, this backpack is a complete package of luxury and convenience.


  • Genuine leather with golden zipper accents
  • Number of storage options including laptop and tablet
  • Waterproof pocket at the side
  • The add-on-bag sleeve for easy carrying
  • Dedicated space for cards and other things
  • Come with a 5-year warranty
  • Luxurious looking
  • Expanded laptop compartment
  • Tumi tracer
  • Easy to carry
  • Expensive

Best Men: Tumi Men’s Ashton Marlow Backpack

Tumi Men's Ashton Marlow Backpack

If you want to make a statement wherever you go, try to get this men’s Ashton Marlow backpack.  The cowhide leather with perforations on top provides the ultimate classic look. The double zippered pocket opens up the main compartment wide enough to easily place all goods.

Looking at the inside, you will get a padded laptop and tablet compartment. Moreover, the key holder and a Tumi tracer are a plus. This laptop can hold more than 15 inches of laptop conveniently. The only downside is that this backpack does not have any side pockets.

Although, you can store a house inside its other pockets. The front flap pocket has a place for cards, keys, pens, etc., so don’t worry about losing your small stuff. The best part is the ergonomically designed back, which lets the air pass through your back while carrying the backpack on your shoulders.

The padded shoulders let you easily carry the backpack around. All in all, this backpack is the ultimate choice for those who do not compromise on quality and looks.


  • Double-zippered main compartment
  • Zippered padded laptop compartment
  • Snap-flap quick access pocket at front
  • Back quick-access pocket
  • Leather top handle for convenient carrying
  • Ergonomic back design
  • Add-a-Bag sleeve for easy traveling
  • Stylish
  • Versatile pockets
  • Dedicated space for eBooks gadgets
  • Quick access front space
  • Padded compartment for electronic gadgets
  • No side pockets

Best Value: TUMI – Harrison Brander Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Harrison Brander Laptop Backpack

This compact backpack is composed of durable nylon tricot and is ideal for everyday usage. This backpack comes in two colors, including Black and Navy, suitable for adventurers.

You may store all of your possessions excellently with a padded laptop pocket that can hold up to a 14-inch laptop and a choice of accessible and zipped interior pockets.

A front U-zip pocket and a lockable back slide compartment with a magnetic closure keep essential items safe while traveling. In addition, the quick-access container is ideal for storing your smartphone, cash, and keys with easily accessible.

The cushioned and customize-able back straps with leather accents make it wonderfully pleasant to carry even over prolonged distances, and the extendable leather top handle makes it quick to grab. 


  • Zippered main compartment and a front U-zip pocket
  • Padded lining of the pocket for storing gadgets
  • At the back, the quick-access pocket with magnetic snap provides ease of success,
  • The folding leather top handle
  • Add-a-Bag sleeve
  • TUMI tracer
  • Comprise of Nylon Tricot.
  • Minimalist backpack
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Quick access back pocket with magnetic flap
  • Tumi tracer
  • Affordable
  • Cannot store bigger laptops

Best Utility: TUMI – Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Alpha Bravo Tyndall Utility Laptop Backpack

If you want to take the backpack game to the next level, then consider getting this alpha Bravo Tyndall laptop backpack. It’s versatile, sleek, and affordable that endures years and years of abusive use. So to make a one-time investment, you can consider it.

The backpack is designed for business travelers, with pockets for a 15-inch laptop, as well as plenty of space for files and other essentials for a time at the office. The main pocket and the laptop compartment each have a double-zip opening.

There’s a nylon top carry handle if you don’t want to use the shoulder straps. The bag has two zippered side pockets across each side, the front zip pocket, and two small front compartments to help you organize your belongings and access them quickly.

The add-a-bag strap on the Alpha backpack makes it much easier to connect to rollable suitcases or baggage cases. The regular TUMI tracer is included in the bag. In addition, the backpack can store cards, keys, pens, and everything in their dedicated slots.


  • Externally it has Double zip entry to the main compartment
  • Zippered entry to large laptop
  • At the front, it has a straight zip pocket and a U-zip pocket
  • A side zip pocket on the pocket is waterproof.
  • Hidden magnetic strap at the back flap
  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • TUMI track
  • Comprises of Ballistic Nylon
  • Compact design
  • Vast storage
  • Quick access pocket
  • Tumi tracer
  • Easy to carry
  • None Found

Best for Working Women: TUMI – Voyageur Hartford Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Voyageur Hartford Laptop Backpack 2

If you want a real workhorse of the backpack that can withstand years and years of use without wearing off, then voyager Hartford is worth buying. It offers complete convenience with a nicely placed pocket in the backpack.

It has a separate laptop compartment just like the rest of the others. Furthermore, you can easily access the phone via a quick access pocket. The water-resistant side pocket is perfect for fitness savvy’s who frequently go to the gym.

The nylon fabric construction makes this backpack one of the best since it can endure. You can monogram the key chains you want to. Moreover, the top grab handle and padded shoulder straps are the next to be the thing here.

Inside the backpack, you can store cards, keys, water bottles, and much more, owing to its dedicated space for everything. The add-a-bag sleeve can let you take the backpack alongside other storage easily. Lastly, do not worry about the backpack being lost since it comes fitted with Tumi tracer technology.


  • Strategically positioned compartments
  • Separate laptop compartment, with a quick-access phone pocket,
  • Water-resistant water bottle place which you can access from both inside and outside the bag.
  • The backpack comprises either leather or tough nylon material.
  • Front U-zip pocket with double-zippered entry.
  • A huge paddock may be found on the interior.
  • Simple and elegant
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Quick access back pocket
  • Tumi tracer
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Small for big laptops

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Tumi Backpack


Tumi backpacks are composed of Ballistic Nylon, which is a very durable fabric.  Because of its strength, it was first employed to construct flak jackets for troops during WWII. As a result, you may be confident that whatever Tumi backpack you choose will last decades. Anyone who owns a Tumi bag appears to keep it for the rest of their lives.

Unlike fabric, the inner fabric of the backpacks varies, although they are primarily light-colored for better visibility. Often they come in the gray or silvery shade. You will be thanking the light background color in dark situations to find your goods quickly.

Another plus point is that the Tumi backpacks usually have a leather handle that easily lets you carry the bag while traveling. Plus, leather is more sturdy and robust to not wear off with sweat of hand.

Tumi T-Pass

Tumi T-Pass was built inside baggage to help you pass through security checkpoints fast and conveniently while adhering to TSA requirements. T-Pass bags have a dedicated laptop section that opens up and enables you to scan your notebook without taking it out of the backpack. It’s excellent for frequent travelers who despise spending time at security screening.

Tumi Tracer

Most of the backpack here in our list comprises Tumi tracer. Like mentioned before, the Tumi tracer is a dedicated program for Tumi bag owners that backs up their bags with Tumi lost and steel warranty. Besides, it is free and accessible to all, so look for the Tumi tracer in your Tumi backpack if you are a business traveler.


Tumi specializes in work/travel luggage and backpacks. Although most of their Tumi backpacks are comparable in size and capacity, each bag has its distinct appearance. Be mindful that the Tumi bags lack the variety of adventure traveling bags, and there are only a few options if you’re searching for such a bag. While choosing a backpack for both office and casual walking, you must look for the desired features.


When you opt to buy a backpack, your sole purpose is to store things conveniently. So you need to look for the compartments and the design of the bag. Every backpack in our guide contains space for everything. If you are more inclined to get a backpack with a place for everything, that Tumi backpack is best for you.


Mostly the Tumi backpack comes with a five-year warranty that makes them a more reliable option than other backpacks. These backpacks are carefully crafted with highly durable materials that certainly eliminate the need for any warranty. Still, you get a contract if you want to return the backpack or disregard quality issues.

Why TUMI Brand is Special From Others?

Tumi Laptop Bag Testing

Tumi laptop backpacks are put through a comprehensive testing regimen that includes roughly 30 different tests to determine reliability, endurance, and safety. As a result, your Tumi laptop bag has passed the following tests:

  • Safety test
  • Crack, wetness, sweat, and UV rays resistance test.
  • Grease, wear, and sea spray resistance.
  • Tough and well-made.

From its stitching to the straps to the zipper, every aspect of your Tumi backpack is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds its quality requirements, so you can be assured that your Tumi laptop bag will not disappoint.

Personal Touches

You will be surprised to know that Tumi can create a backpack tailored to your needs. Plus, you can also paste your credentials on a monogram of tumi backpack as well.

Customer Service

Tumi is known for its exceptional customer support, and you may visit any of its dozens of sites all over the globe for the simple zipper and handles adjustments. In addition, Tumi pledges to keep its items in good working order for as long as possible.

Ethical Values

Since its inception in 1975, Tumi is committed to upholding ethical values such as:

  • There is no child enslavement or human trafficking involved.
  • Carbon footprint is minimal.
  • Repair and recycle what you can.
  • Donating to worthy causes.

As a result, you may confidently spend in a Tumi bag while maintaining your principles.

Who Buys A Tumi Backpack?

A Tumi backpack’s features are so unique and appealing that everyone wants to get one. Its unique design and layout combine with a quality build make for a decade of rough use. However, it is not only the fame that counts but the price and quality also come as considering factors.

Plus, if you find these as a little expensive, then make a comparison between short-lived cheap bags and a well-made expensive bag like Tumi bags and luggage. You will find that per year cost for hard-wearing bags is much less than for cheap bags. So make a one-time investment and cherish the benefits for a long.

People who like Tumi backpacks, including me, are:

9-5 Individuals

A Tumi backpack can carry a house with ease. However, please do not take it seriously since it gave you an idea of its vast storage abilities, thanks to its well-engineered design. So you can carry a laptop, tablet, lunch box, bottles of juices and water, or your important files safely. So if you are more of a job person who needs to carry office stuff with convenience, you need these ergonomically designed and back-friendly backpacks for your everyday needs.


If you are on the go every time and want a convenient and compact solution for your luggage carrying problem, then Tumi backpacks are the ultimate solution. You can neatly place your stuff while you travel. Plus, if you have to travel the world, you can easily place your quick-access or fragile or important belongings like laptops, tablets, documents or medicines, etc., in the backpack.

Business traveler

Traveling for business means you need to carry important files and stuff along with you. So if you are one such individual, get a Tumi backpack because it can back up your stuff with the added security of a Tumi tracer and track system. Plus, you can carry a bunch of clothes and business supplies as well.

Casual Users

The Tumi backpacks are functional and practical to carry the stuff. So if you want to go for a casual day out or use the backpack for everyday use, the Tumi backpack is ready to serve.

Last Words about The Best Tumi Backpack

Irrespective of the pack’s size or price, Tumi is lavish with creative elements.  Whether you’re looking at a low-cost Tumi leather backpack or a high-end Tumi leather backpack, most of the great attributes are common and extraordinary.

The asking price may appear excessive at first, but when you consider the years of use and the exceptional customer service, you’ll realize that it’s certainly more than acceptable for the facilities and functionality provided.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are Tumi backpacks worth the money?

Many people had to say that Tumi backpacks are beautifully made, but they o not worth the price tag. But in reality, the Tumi backpacks are carefully crafted with state-of-the-art technology that lets you quickly pass through the airport checking process. Plus, the classic look of the backpack worth the price tag.

Why are Tumi backpacks so expensive?

Environment-friendly products usually come with an expensive price tag. Tumi is one such brand s that is trying to eradicate PVC from the world. Considering that, they have reduced the PVS content from their products by up to 95{f03458e09f3ebb1146ffc97e18ac915da8260476ba684787d6cc7681fe2ce6f8}. So the is the main factor that they cost slightly expensive.

What is Tumi famous for?

Tumi is renowned primarily for its black-on-black ballistic nylon backpacks. Being available at different departments and specialty shops, and Tumi stores around the globe, it is one of the famous lines of baggage. Besides, bags Tumi is also a supplier of belts, pens, and other electronic devices.