Best Waterproof Backpack for college

If your electronic devices or paper gets wet when you’re out and it is a mess, it could cause a lot of damage to your day. This is why an excellent waterproof backpack is essential for anyone who regularly utilizes the same pack and depends on it to help keep equipment secure and dry.

You may think that waterproof  backpacks are challenging to locate or are costly, but that’s not the situation. It’s just a matter of knowing the features you’re seeking since most backpacks already have a weatherproof coating.

This article will examine some of the most durable waterproof backpacks for college that you can purchase for a reasonable price. Focusing on backpacks designed for students, you can quickly discover a backpack that is will last for many years.

What College Students do Want?

A college student is a great chance you’ll have to run between classes throughout the day. So a sturdy backpack is vital because you’ll need somewhere to store all of your notebooks, pens, textbooks, and laptop. In addition, because the contents of your college backpack will likely need an upgrade, it’s the perfect time to purchase something more durable for the school year.

US Backpacks reviews all kinds of school supplies, including backpacks for laptops and backpacks (including backpacks for kidstravel backpacks, and much more) to identify the designs that can accommodate all your needs and still retain their shape after use. For example, when we test backpacks for children, we test the abrasion resistance, the strap’s strength and tear strength, the padding placed on the straps, and the Backpack’s weight when empty. We also offer typical packing loads for various age groups so that the bag can accommodate everything they require.

Based on our tests and observations, we’ve learned the qualities of a good backpack. This allows us to choose our picks based on the combination of experience, testing, and verified bestsellers that have excellent reviews, as well as new designs that we’re thrilled about. If you’re shopping for the best best Waterproof Backpack for college, make sure to check for these features before your purchase.

  • Protective laptop sleeves to protect your laptop when you travel
  • Organization systems like zippered pouches and pen pockets
  • Straps are curved and padded to provide comfort and assistance
  • Fabric comprised of nylon or high-denier polyester to ensure durability
  • Create that’s narrow and tall Wide backpacks may cause back pain.

Water Proof Vs. Water Resistance

If a bag is described to be waterproofed, this means that you can submerge the bag in water and not let the moisture pass through the bag and soak the contents. Waterproof bags can endure heavy rain or could pass through a waterfall while keeping your belongings in the bag clear of dampness or moisture.
Your Backpack is waterproof when they use coated zippers to closure, as regular zippers have holes too numerous that can penetrate the bag. Additionally, they use the most tightly woven nylon fabrics coated with a tough, water-resistant coating that wicks away water.
However, when you state that a backpack is water resistant, it is simply a way of saying that it can resist water penetration to a certain level. For instance, a water resistant bag will not perform well in heavy rain because excessive water could get into the bag. Thus, water-resistant backpacks only are effective in drizzle or light rain.


The Best for College Laptop Women’s backpack – The North Face Women’s School Jester Laptop Backpack

The North Face Jester

If you’re a person who values convenience, then it’s essential to purchase a backpack that is designed specifically for females. These are backpacks specifically designed for women’s models. They are designed to be sized correctly with back padding placed at the correct places and come with straps specifically made especially for females.

These all can make huge differences in the comfort levels. We love the Jester backpack from North Face. It’s an excellent best Waterproof Backpack for college students, as well as for general daily use. It’s made of sturdy high-end materials, and is waterproof, and features well-padded laptop sleeves.

It is available in a range of colors, so you’ll be able to choose the one that suits you most. The only issue with the Jester backpack from North Face is that it’s expensive. It’s an expensive backpack, but don’t fret. You’ll get a lot for your buck because it’s made of top-quality materials and well-designed. It’s an excellent choice when you’re planning to study for a while. It’s also a superb premium laptop best Waterproof Backpack for college that can last for many years.


All-round best value for student school backpack – Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Vertical-Zip Laptop Backpack with Sternum Strap

Victorinox Altmont 3.0

It’s impossible to ignore this Victorinox Altmont 3.0 when you need a high-quality but affordable backpack that is waterproof to take to college or school. The Altmont, in regards to cost, is in the middle of the spectrum for laptop backpacks. And at that price, you’ll get an all-purpose, appealing backpack.

It’s a perfect rainproof laptop bag for students at school or college because it’s versatile as it is slim and light but can transport a significant amount of equipment when required.

With regards to characteristics when it comes to features, it’s a great backpack. Altmont is a minimalist backpack. Its main strength is in its ability to do some things exceptionally efficiently.

First of all, it is constructed out of a high-end lightweight versatek(TM) material. This lets the bag have the strength to handle massive loads when needed and the durability required for everyday use.

The Backpack comes with two main compartments inside—a general-purpose compartment in the front and a spacious laptop compartment on the rear. The laptop pocket is large and lets you store up to 17″ laptops. This is ideal for working or school days, giving the capability to carry laptops along with books or folders.

On the other side of the bag are stylishly designed zip-away drink bottle holders. Like all high-end laptop backpacks, Victorinox has ensured the Altmont is waterproof and is an essential feature for laptops nowadays.


Best Backpack that has straps for boards – Dakine Mission backpack

Dakine Mission backpack

If you’re thinking of commuting to college or school with a scooter or skateboard, then you’ll find that the Dakine Mission backpack is an excellent choice. It’s a waterproof laptop backpack for college that comes with board straps at the front.

The bag is big and well-designed. It is made of high-quality materials by a reputable brand. It is stylish and is available in a variety of colors, and is comfortable and sleek.

The style of the Backpack is honest and straightforward. There’s nothing extravagant about it. However, this simple design makes it a versatile bag, and the bag gets more prominent as you use it.

On the side of your Backpack is a pair of straps for boards. These straps can be used to carry a skateboard, place a helmet on, or carry around any other equipment you may have. Of course, I’m constantly rolling up a towel and clipping it onto my journey for the water.

The Backpack is equipped with a cushioned laptop 15 inches sleeves located in the rear of the Backpack. It also has a tablet pocket that is lined with fleece to protect your gadgets.


Most enormous waterproof Backpack you can get for college students – The Northface Router Daypack

The Northface Router Daypack

If you are looking for the perfect Backpack for your needs, there are a few brands that you can find that only be focused on features and fashion. This is because you can tell from experiences that the materials and quality are top of the line. North Face is one of them. North Face is one of the brands that are among them.

When you’re working with a company that can design backpacks that last in the most extreme conditions anywhere in the world, you know they know what they’re doing.

It’s no surprise the moment you see this Router Daypack from the North face, the first thing you observe is how incredible. The high-end quality of the materials and the quality are evident, which means you know that this is a real thing and will last for quite a while.

We recommend the Router backpack listed as one of the top waterproof backpacks for college on the market because it’s an excellent all-purpose backpack. It’s a fantastic backpack for students and for commuting, traveling, and generally for everyday use.

What Northface is Good At:

The Backpack is stylish, practical, robust, and as we mentioned it is made of premium materials. When it comes to the features in the bag, they’re with clever compartments and pockets. A few are large, and others are small. They seem to think of all things when they create the design.

In the rear of the Backpack, you will find laptop sleeves. It’s well-padded and comfortable sleeves that can be used to accommodate a 17″ laptop. The laptop compartment on the rear is equipped with a zipper that opens at the base, which allows the bag to be opened right up to TSA security checkpoints. This is great for travelers.

The side of the Backpack, like most large bags, good quality bags are straps for restraint. These straps are easily unclipped, but they let you fold the sides of your bag to secure the items inside your bag more closely to your body to ensure maximum ease of use.

Overall, the North Face Router Daypack is an ideal backpack that can be used for any purpose. It’s stylish it is durable, and is suitable to fulfill a wide range of uses. This is the kind of Backpack that you can use to do everything in a long time and is a great best Waterproof Backpack for college.


Easy to Pack your Stuff – BLACK EMBER CITADEL R2


This Black Ember Citadel R2 is composed of premium waterproof fabric with YKK Aquaguard zippers and stitched seams to create a waterproof construction that can withstand any storm. So it is a best Waterproof Backpack for college that 25 liters of capacity mean that this Citadel R2 is large enough to hold books, binders, and laptops up to 15″ laptops and still maintains an elegant design.

Citadel R2 was created from scratch for urban carrying and comes with all the features that we’ve expected from a high-tech bag. The pockets and organizers are arranged interior for easy access to laptops, keys, tablets, and wallets. However, the Citadel R2 doesn’t stop there. It also comes with a laptop and tablet compartment. Black Ember has designed this Backpack to be modular. So you can expand the pockets and features for carrying when you need them.




Its Chrome Urban EX takes the excellent protection offered by dry bags and turns them into a jack of all trades that can be used for everyday carrying. For example, suppose you’re searching for the perfect Backpack that is waterproof for your needs in college and beyond. In that case, you’ll appreciate the Rogue’s waterproof seams, waterproof zippers, and the classic rolltop design that guarantees that your gear stays dry, no matter how harsh the weather becomes.

The Chrome Urban EX has a spacious main compartment that can hold college textbooks, binders, and more, thanks to its massive capacity of 30 liters. To store smaller items, the Backpack comes with a waterproof compartment on top to store small items such as cellphones or wallets. Inside you’ll find a 15-inch laptop sleeve and an iPad sleeve that’s specifically designed for tablet use and pockets for organizing small objects.




The A-Lab Model D is the ideal best Waterproof Backpack for college. The Backpack was constructed from scratch to be a waterproof tank with a rolltop, tarpaulin construction, welding seams, and a front-facing water-resistant zipper. These waterproof features are encased in a sleek and stylish backpack that isn’t cluttered with all the tangled loops and webbing found in other backpacks in this category.

For a backpack suitable for school or everyday use for everyday use. It is A-Lab Model A that has some essential features to carry around for the day. It comes with a front-facing pocket to make it easy to access small items. A detachable laptop sleeve with padding, and a large capacity of 26 liters, which permits the Model D to double as an outdoor or weekend backpack when required. A-Lab Model D can usually be purchased for less than $100.




The Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City is an ideal choice for anyone searching for a reliable waterproof backpack for weekend trips, college, or city commutes. The Backpack is completely waterproof thanks to its polyester-laminated nylon fabric and rolltop design, preventing water from getting into the compartment. Ortlieb has also done a fantastic job creating a back panel and shoulder straps that remain dry yet are easy to put on. Its back panels are constructed from quick-drying foam strips, while the shoulder straps do not have extra padding that transforms into sponges following rain.

The thing that makes this Backpack distinguish among other bags for dry storage is its removable notebook sleeve and organizer, which allows you to swiftly take your laptop along with smaller items you’re on the move. The only drawback we could discover is that the Backpack has a front stash zipper pocket that isn’t waterproof. However, it’s an attractive feature for dry days when you require easy access to smaller objects.




The Ridge provides a best Waterproof Backpack for college students for daily carry and is used with the Commuter Backpack. The Backpack comes with incredible features for carrying around, including a unidirectional USB smartphone charging outlet, a unique internal organization, and a shock-proof laptop compartment. In addition, its 15-liter capacity is ideal for tech-savvy students who require carrying a few binders and books and organizing their laptops, chargers, tech accessories, and other gadgets.

The Backpack is constructed using a waterproof 600D nylon shell and YKK Aquaguard zippers that block water from getting inside. In addition, The Ridge includes rain guards for the front stash pockets and the side pockets to provide additional protection for fragile items such as glasses, wallets, or phones.




The Rhake by Mission Workshop is a weatherproof laptop backpack made of premium materials and an innovative design to shield the contents from snow, rain, and water. With 22 liters of capacity, it is the Goldilocks of everyday carry. It’s not overly bulky and oversized and nor too tiny – but just suitable for someone seeking a waterproof backpack for their college.

The Rhake is constructed from HT500 Mission Workshop’s exclusive fabric. It is highly robust and waterproof for uncompromising protection. In addition, the interior part of this Backpack is lined with waterproof fabric to stop moisture from getting into your equipment.

What we love in Mission Workshop backpacks is that the company sticks by its products. Every Mission Workshop backpack is “Guaranteed for life,” and the company promises to repair and replace flaws without charge for the lifetime of its bag.




Popular among college students, commuters, and outdoor enthusiasts. The Patagonia Black Hole is a rugged backpack that provides excellent organization features for items you use every day and high-quality materials that are durable enough to endure a regular beating. Its Black Hole is water-resistant however it is not waterproof, it comes with some fantastic design features that set it against other backpacks in its category.

The zippers on both the compartment in front and the top pocket are set so that rain doesn’t land directly onto the zippers when it rains. The bag is constructed of recycled polyester and has a coating of polyurethane with a water repellent finish. This makes the fabric shine with its stunning appearance and also makes the Black Hole an excellent waterproof.

This Patagonia Black Hole backpack comes in two sizes that include the 32L model featured here and the smaller 25L Black Hole, so you can be sure to find one that fits precisely.




The Roll-Top by Stubble & Co is a great waterproof protector with a modern look thanks to its roll-top design with sealed seams and YKK Aquaguard zips. As a backpack designed for university, students will be happy to find a side-accessible laptop compartment that is padded and a large 20-liter main compartment. Numerous pockets that are quick access inside for everyday necessities.

One of the most appealing aspects of our favorite features of the Roll Top backpack is its concentration on the comfort of its users. Every Backpack comes with a comfortable mesh back panel. What you receive is a highly best Waterproof Backpack for college that can be used for daily commutes to college as well as weekend excursions.




A glance at the Osprey Transport Zip Top, and you’ll see that it lacks about pockets on the outside. This is because Osprey chose an intelligent design for waterproofing. Which keeps all the compartments and organizers hidden underneath a nylon material. That is double-coated with TPU to provide remarkable waterproof. Although it’s not entirely waterproof. This design will prevent any rain from destroying your belongings in the event of a rainstorm.

Students at college will appreciate the big 30-liter primary compartment. Which will be enough for all day’s books and an outfit change. The interior also has many clever pockets to organize your belongings. Such as internal water bottle pockets, a cushioned laptop sleeves, and mesh pouches for smaller objects like keys, pens, or even a mobile.




None are as easy to use as The Ridge Classic Backpack in the realm of waterproof and water-resistant backpacks for students. In addition, the Backpack is designed to stand up to rain because of its waterproof outer nylon shell and YKK Aqua Guard zippers for complete peace of mind once the rain arrives.

Although it is highly water-resistant, the Ridge Classic Backpack isn’t waterproof. However, for those who worry about getting trapped in the rain. The Ridge Classic Backpack is more than capable of keeping all your essential items dry. For everyday use and college, we like the cushioned laptop sleeves, built-in USB charger for phones, and the sensible capacity of carrying 22 liters which eliminates the bulkiness typical of these types of backpacks.




This Topo Designs Rover Pack Tech is an excellent choice for college students seeking a rugged, medium-sized backpack that can withstand the pressures of daily use. The main compartment of this Rover Pack is large enough for notebooks and books, and the pockets on the outside are zippered. This makes storing smaller items an easy task. 

Just a look at Topo Design Rover Tech Pack, and you will be sure that it was made to keep essential things dry. This bag is constructed out of waterproof 1000D recycled nylon coated with YKK zippers that provide additional protection from the elements. This Rover Pack Tech also features a lid and a cinch-top closure design to ensure your main bag is secure from snow or rain. So if you’re in search of the most best Waterproof Backpack for college that is flexible enough to take you on weekend excursions and outings. Then the Rover Pack is for you.

How do you choose a waterproof backpack for your college?

When choosing a backpack for college that is waterproof. The best place to begin is to consider the kind of access. You’ll need access to your main compartment. Of course, most of your essential items will be kept within the primary compartment. And typically, things such as textbooks, laptops, class notes, and textbooks can’t afford to get damp.

In the case of backpacks with waterproof properties, there are three kinds of compartments you’ll see:

 ZIPPER Access

The majority of backpacks for school utilize a single zipper to open inside the compartment. If you want waterproof or waterproof-resistant college backpack. You will have to be aware of the zipper that the bag uses. Many zippers are not waterproof and provide little protection on the occasion of a sudden downpour. If you’re looking for the convenience of a zippered backpack. Then it is recommended to choose an item with waterproof zippers.

Waterproof zippers are generally coated with polyurethane to prevent moisture and water out of the Backpack. The most common waterproof zippers for backpacks are YKK AquaGuard and Aquaseal zippers.

LID Access

Backpack lids fold over the main compartment entrance to protect it from elements. It creates an additional barrier that separates the area, where snow and rain are most likely to hit. The entry point into the primary compartment. A lid-equipped backpack usually opens a zipper or drawstring to secure and close the main compartment.

Lids are typically found in technical and outdoor backpacks that require waterproofing. However, you’ll also be able to find them on backpacks used for everyday use as well.


Rolltop backpacks are equipped with additional material on the upper part of the Backpack. Which allows you to “roll” downwards to shut your main compartment. This kind of access is most sought-after by backpacks with waterproofing due to its popularity for its waterproof. In addition, when a rolltop gets compressed, it forms a seal that decreases water ingress.

The Rolltop Backpack is popular among specialty backpacks for outdoor use where water safety is a significant concern. They are a common feature in cycling, commuting or hiking, surfing, or snow bags. When selecting a rolltop backpack, it must be constructed from either waterproof or water-resistant material. So that water doesn’t get in during it’s wet.


The next thing to consider when selecting a backpack with waterproof features that is suitable for university. The kind of material that the Backpack is constructed from. Materials must be waterproof or coated with a waterproof coating.

Water-resistant fabrics have been weaved to stop water absorption. The most common examples of waterproof fabrics include high denier nylon as well as polyester and canvas. Different types of nylon-like Cordura or Ballistic nylon are water-resistant. They are typically an excellent starting point when looking for a water-resistant backpack for your college. Other materials like X-Pac, as well as sailcloth, are naturally water-resistant.

However, when you’re trying to waterproof your Backpack, you’ll typically require more support than the fabric. This is the reason why many waterproof backpacks have coatings to stop water from leaking into the fabrics. Below are three kinds of backpack coatings that are commonly used.

 Different Types of Coating

TPU coating 

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane plastic) is a fabric-based coating with excellent abrasion resistance, making it a preferred option for backpack makers. The best thing about TPU is that it’s more resistant to breakage than the other coatings but can still be flexible.

DWR Coating 

DWR Coating DWR (durable water-resistant) is a popular coating for rain jackets and other outdoor clothes. In addition, its breathability and strength have led to it being a favorite coating used on waterproofing bags and backpacks. DWR retains its breathability since it coats specific fibers rather than laying them over the fabric. This allows water to slide off the fabric before allowing it to get into the fabric.

The PU coat 

The PU (polyurethane) in its own right is frequently used as an imitation leather for bags and other small items. In fabric, PU offers a solid and abrasion-resistant coating with excellent waterproofing capabilities while retaining airflow and lightweight. A lot of backpack manufacturers choose PU coating because of its inexpensive cost compared with TPU or other waterproofing methods.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What size of a backup do you afford?

The first thing to choose when choosing the best school backpack is the size. The larger backpacks (23Lplus) typically have larger main compartments and extra pockets for small objects. An extra-large backpack could be the best option if you intend to carry many texts, binders, and notebooks on campus.

Many do not require the largest main compartment to go to school. For example, students who use their laptops to record notes could benefit from an economized and light backpack with a secure laptop compartment.

Which Organization should we consider?

When you are looking for a best Waterproof Backpack for college, don’t compromise on the organization. Most backpacks made of waterproof are designed to be used for particular activities such as fishing, biking, and surfing.

Do not use bucket-style dry bags and instead opt for an item that has more pockets to store everyday items such as phones, pens, and laptops. Dry bags made of water are perfect for beach days. They aren’t equipped with the required amenities needed for a school day.

Dakine Mission backpack