As the backpack-to-school season is here, all moms are going to have a mutual concern about cleaning their kids’ dirty backpacks. Children are always playful and notorious for spoiling their backpacks, uniforms, and other stationery throughout the day at school. Children, being the most carefree species on the planet, do not take notice of keeping their backpacks clean and throw them here and there. In such circumstances, moms are going to be asking the question, Can You Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks? to search engines. 

About Pottery Barn Backpacks: 

When it comes to high-quality and inspiring backpacks, Pottery Barn is considered to be the first choice of children and parents alike. Impeccable designs, unique quality, wide range, and diversity make this brand stand out in the market and customers do not regret buying from them. They have a huge collection of impressive backpacks for toddlers, kids, and even teens.

Getting back to the point of, can you wash pottery barn backpacks? Let’s move on further and learn from the experienced. 

Although washing a backpack is super easy, we need to be careful about our ways as per the instructions posted on backpacks. Pottery Barn Kids’ backpacks as well as teens’ backpacks can be easily washed without any hassle. However, mums might have the fear of ruining their kids’ backpacks by opting the wrong way. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

Three Ways to Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks:

Nobody likes stained or dirty backpacks, not even your children. Getting your children a dirty backpack to school can question their hygiene or they might get trolled and bullied by their peers. Children care a lot about their impression, I tell you that. It’s something mothers and teens, being responsible, should do often. 

There are three ways to clean a backpack

  1. Machine Wash a Backpack 
  2. Hand Wash a Backpack
  3. Wash or Clean Backpack with Damp Towel or Soft Cloth 

Can You Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks? Part One

Pottery Barn Kids backpacks can be easily washed out using washing machines. Please carefully read the instructions before washing the backpack. If it says, hand wash only then you better not risk washing it in the machine. If the instruction says otherwise, then be ready and make a list of things needed.

What’s Needed? 

  • A washing machine (obviously) 
  • Water 
  • Laundry Detergent 
  • Stain Removal (if needed) 
  • Disinfect Wipes 

Let’s begin with the process. 

Guide to Machine Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks

After collecting all these items, you need to make the backpack ready to wash

Step 1: Children tend to keep plenty of tiny toys, snacks, and other things in their backpacks. So, the first step is to thoroughly check the backpack and make it empty. You don’t want the candy or chocolate left in your backpack to ruin the whole process of washing. Right? Then, checking beforehand would save you from such a situation. 

Step 2: If your kids’ backpack has any removable items like keychains, then remove it before washing. You can separately wash them as per the given instructions. 

Step 3: If the backpack has some rigid stain on it, then pre-wash it. Use any stain remover and mix it with one part of water and put the backpack into it for some time. 

Step 4: After stain removal or in case there’s no stain, put the backpack in the washer. Add the detergent and turn on the machine with a regular timer. Do not over-wash it. 

Step 5: After the timer beeps, take out the backpack and wipe it with the disinfecting wipes. Don’t put it into the dryer. Drying backpacks in dryers is strongly prohibited. Always, always dry it outside.

Follow these five easy steps and TADA! Your backpack is all-new now.

Can You Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks? Part Two

Some backpacks are made with such fabric and dryers that don’t tackle machine wash and get ruined if we do so. You can easily hand wash a backpack with the above-mentioned items minus the washing machine! In place of a washing machine, you will require a large container or bucket bigger than the size of a backpack

Guide To Hand-Wash a Backpack

Step 1: Fill out a container with water, add a handsome amount of laundry detergent into it, mix it well and dip the backpack into the container. In case of any stains, you can add the stain removal detergent or hydrogen peroxide to it too. Leave it for a few minutes.

Step 2: Some parts of children’s backpacks like the top handle and downside become extra dirty. To clean them, you will need to rub the backpack with your hands into the water until the dirt gets removed from these areas. Now, let the backpack sink in for half an hour. 

Step 3: After the said time, drain the soapy water and rinse the backpack to get rid of the soap. Change the water and rinse it two to three times unless the water gets soap-free and clear. 

Step 4: Once it’s completely rinsed, clean the backpack with disinfectant wipes. Let it dry outside for a few hours.

Your pottery barn kids backpack is all washed and ready to use! 

Can You Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks? Part Three

Some backpacks can neither be washed by machines nor hands. Then, Should we not wash them? Absolutely not. You can wash such backpacks too. It’s a secret! Don’t reveal it… 

You can wash this backpack by using a washcloth. All you have to do is just damp the cloth with one part water and one part laundry detergent. Gently mop up the backpack with this damp cloth. Now take another piece of cloth and damp it in clear water and repeat the process. Dry the backpack with a dry towel. For better cleaning, use disinfectant wipes to get rid of any bacteria. 

The Takeaway:

Washing a backpack is a very easy task and fun thing to do, once done right. Now that you know the answer to “Can you Wash Pottery Barn Backpacks?”, wash your kids’ backpacks and turn them into new ones! You can surprise them with the brand new backpack that emerged after a deep wash. Lastly, don’t miss out on the instructions, they are important.

Happy backpack cleaning!