Up on the mountains or somewhere far into the woods, you are having the best time of your life but all of a sudden the weather gets extremely bad – you need some shelter here. Don’t you? That’s when sleeping bags come to the aid. Being a traveler, you ought to keep every essential item with you in your backpack. Other than food, clothes, and equipment, there is something you can’t do without. A SLEEPING BAGYes, you can’t skip this vital gear while boarding on your journey. But the concern here is, how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack?

Sleeping bags just don’t save you from unpleasant weather but also save you from deadly animals that might hurt you.

How to Attach a Sleeping Bag to a Backpack

No matter if you are a student, traveler, or just a common man – you can keep all of your valuable possessions in a backpack, and then, you will be absolutely ready to go. Backpacks, nowadays, come in every possible category. There are special backpacks for students, mountaineers, or even come with chargers. All you need to do is just pick the right one for you. If you are someone who loves to be on adventurous trips, you probably need to carry a lot of things for your journey and the sleeping bag is one of them.

After buying one for yourself you might think, How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack? Well, do not let this question overwhelm you. You have come to the right place.

Ways to Attach a Sleeping Bag to a Backpack:

There are two main ways you can carry a sleeping bag with you. Let’s explore these ways first.

1. Inside the backpack: 

The first way is to stuff your sleeping bag inside your backpack. This might look like an easy way to carry a sleeping bag but you won’t have much space left in your backpack after that. However, in this way, your sleeping bag will remain safe and undamaged. Sleeping bags often are large in size and no matter how spacious your backpack is, it will take a lot of space inside. This space can otherwise be useful to accommodate other important supplies.

2. Outside the backpack:

The other way is to attach the sleeping bag outside the backpack with the use of straps and loops attached to the backpack. In this way, you will have a lot of space left in your backpack and you can store your things effortlessly. As far as the safety of your sleeping bag is concerned, most of the sleeping bags come with water-proof material. To assure extra safety, you can wrap plastic sheets around too.

Recommendation: We would recommend you choose the second way and attach your sleeping bag externally. 

To get an answer to How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack, keep exploring… 

Preparatory Steps:

Before attaching a sleeping bag to your backpack, you need to follow some primary steps.

Pack your Backpack:

It is wise to pack your backpack first in an organized way. There are some techniques that you need to follow in order to balance the weight of your backpack. Always insert the heavy items first and place them in the center of your backpack. After that, place soft and padded things. In this way, your valuable things would be protected and this minimizes the chances of straining your back too.

Give your sleeping bag a good roll:

As mentioned earlier, you can easily find a waterproof bag in the market. However, to be more concerned, you can cover it with plastic. But before doing that, roll your sleeping bag tightly so it won’t open during hiking or in the middle of your journey. Wrapping plastic will secure your sleeping bag from water, dust, and other damages.

How To Attach a Sleeping Bag to a Backpack: (Techniques)

Enough of the basic guidelines, it’s time to head over to the techniques you need to follow on How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack. There are many methods to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack and it’s no science. By following these easiest methods, you can easily get this job done in no time.

1. Use Loops and Straps:

Use Loops and Straps

Most people are unaware of the loops and stuffing sack straps attached to their backpacks and they never use them. These tools are specially designed to serve the purpose of attaching a sleeping bag. This is the easiest method. All you have to do is just slide the straps across the loops and pull them up. Double-check that the loops are tightened enough or your sleeping bag may swing otherwise.

2. Use Compression Buckles:

Use Compression Buckles

In case your backpack does not have loops and straps, you can use compression buckles too. Compression buckles are fitted to almost every backpack. Usually, they are there to secure the backpack. Once the backpack is ready, the compression buckles will make it more stable. 

Getting back to the point, we will use these buckles to attach our sleeping bag. Right? But how? The steps are pretty simple. Open the buckles, slide in the sleeping bag, close the buckles. That’s it! Your sleeping bag is attached perfectly. Another point to notice here is, these buckles are typically connected to the sides of the backpack. By attaching a sleeping bag, the weight gets distributed making it easier for you to carry without getting strained.

3. Use the Backpack Lid:

Use the Backpack Lid

Another way of attaching a sleeping bag to a backpack is to fit it beneath the lid. A lid is something that can be often found on the top-loader backpacks. You can see the vertical straps attached to the lid too. Just untie those straps, remove the lid and place the sleeping bag in there. Now, pull the straps over the top, clip them and tighten them to secure the bag in the perfect position. That’s it… Your sleeping bag is attached without any struggle. Although there is a risk of getting your bag wet in unpleasant weather, wrapping it with plastic would do wonders here. Don’t forget this tip!

4. Use the tie points at the bottom (External frame):

Most, if not all, backpacks have tie points on the bottom level. If you are one of those people who might have noticed these tie points but never knew the purpose they serve, then this is it for you! 

Just slide your sleeping bag in the tie points, use the straps too (if they are available), and just tighten the grip of your tie points. Attaching the sleeping bag below might cause backache or straining. However, you need to be very careful while adjusting your backpack with the sleeping bag.

5. Carabiners! Make use of them:


Carabiners, if you don’t know, are used to clip down two things together. In case the above mentioned techniques are not helping (which is very impossible), then these carabiners will help too. Just connect a couple of carabiners to the exterior of your backpack, and you can easily hang your extra stuff in them, not to mention the sleeping bag. 

There is a chance of wobbling but we have a trick for it too. Use at least three carabiners, first on the upside, second on the bottom, and the third would ideally be on the center point. Make sure to hook these carabiners perfectly to the straps and you are done!

6. Use DIY Webbing:

Use DIY Webbing

In case your backpack or sleeping bag does not have any straps, then it’s the best time to make use of your inner creativity. You can use twine, an old belt, or anything else you think could hold these two things together. 

We’d recommend using twine here. See how…

Just roll your sleeping bag first, get two or three pieces of twine and tie them around with good care. 

An important thing to mention here does not get too hard and leaves some space to fit loops or untie your bag afterward. Once done, you can effortlessly attach it with the buckles of your backpack.

After getting to know How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack, you might want to have some more tips that you cannot ignore…

Sleeping bag on top of the backpack or bottom? What’s the best way?

It may look normal to attach a sleeping bag on either side of the backpack but, in reality, there is just one best way. Yes, the best way is to attach a sleeping bag to the top of the backpack. Don’t get confused… Let me tell you exactly why

  • One of the downsides of attaching a sleeping bag to the bottom is, it would swing around and disturb your balance while mountaineering or even walking.
  • Whenever you will sit down to have some rest, your sleeping bag, being on the bottom side, will get in contact with the ground first making it dirty and damaged.

These being the reason, the best way is to attach it either on the top of the sides. This won’t only just keep your sleeping bag safe but will also save your back from fatigue.


We have mentioned only a few, but one of the best, techniques of attaching a sleeping bag. We are hopeful that you would have gotten the answer to How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack and your mind is clear now. Sleeping bags, inevitably, are something you cannot skip before boarding on your journey. Having it attached in a secured way won’t just make your journey pleasing but will let you enjoy one of the best adventures of your life in an efficient manner.