Getting ready for school, college, or work on a chaotic morning and not being able to find the backpack on the way out is the last thing we want to encounter. We usually do not have defined places in our homes to keep things like backpacks in order and even if we select one, who remembers keeping a backpack in that place always? The best way is to make a separate backpack station at some corner of the house. However, How to build a backpack station is a concern that might bother people here. 

Don’t worry. In this article, you will get to explore some clever yet creative ideas to build a backpack station at home. 

To all the parents whose kids fly off their backpacks the moment they step into the house to unwind from an exhausting day at school, we are here to help you through this. 

Having a backpack station will not just save you from keeping your backpacks in a disordered way but it will also give your house an aesthetic appeal. 

How to Build a Backpack Station? What’s Needed?

Let’s start with the things you will need while building a backpack station at your home.

  1. First off, the easiest way to build a backpack station is to get a small cupboard and place it somewhere near the front door. Having a multi-section cupboard can be used for various purposes. For instance, you can use the first section to store books, the middle one for backpacks and the last section can be used to keep shoes. You will have an all-in-one backpack station and shoe corner this way. 
  2. If you want to build a backpack wall organizer from scratch then you will need a few things. Take out your notebook and note them down. 
  • Wooden plates/Common boards
  • Construction adhesive 
  • Drill
  • Nailgun 
  • Paint 
  • Hooks 
  • Baskets, stickers, or other decorative things

How to build a backpack station? Easy Guide…

How to Build A Backpack Station

You can start by selecting a corner at your house. Ideally, it should be near the front door or somewhere around the study corner so your kids can have easy access to their backpacks. It’s a doable step-by-step process and you will enjoy it a lot throughout. 

First, you need to get some wooden plates. It’s totally upon you. You can either build a backpack station with just one board or can use multiple boards to get the whole structure. The size of plates depends upon your choice and the length of corner you have. Then attach these boards with the help of an adhesive, drill, and nail gun with good care. Make a whole structure by attaching boards vertically and horizontally across the wall. 

Then comes the most interesting part which is painting. You can paint the station in whatever color and pattern you want. That’s totally upon your preferences. Furthermore, you can also paste some stickers of your choice to make it look full of colors.

Let the paint dry and rest a bit…

Attach hooks on the top plate and above that, you can also construct a wooden shelf to use as a bookshelf or to showcase items for decoration. You can also attach some photo frames around your backpack wall organizer or hang some bells – it will give a nicest look. 

On the shelf, you can keep some tiny plants, books, pen holders, candles, and other things of your choice. 

Adding such things will make your backpack station look aesthetic and a treat to the eyes. 

After successfully attaching the hooks to the structure, your backpack station is ready to rock. Hang your backpack to see if the hooks can handle the weight of backpacks or not. If it can, then 

Voila…Your backpack station is all made up in just a matter of a few hours. 

Now you don’t need to worry about how to build a backpack station, you learned it, Haven’t you? 

Why Build A Backpack Station? 

We have different backpacks in our house for school, college, office, gym, travel, and daily use dispersed around in a disordered way. It’s wiser to arrange them properly so that our backpacks don’t get mixed up with our siblings and we can have easy access to them. At a backpack station, you can not only hang backpacks but can also use them for hanging other things like jackets, caps, scarfs, etc. 

The best part about building a backpack station is that it gives your house an enchanting look. 

You might have some great backpacks to increase the alluring effect of your backpack station. However, in case you don’t have quality backpacks, let us recommend some for you! 

Backpack Recommendations: 

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Final Thoughts:

Now that you know how to build a backpack station, you can easily get rid of the hassle of finding your backpack when you are in a hurry. Just pick it from your aesthetic backpack wall organizer and you are set to go!

Building a backpack station is not difficult, especially when you have a creative mind. The structure is almost the same and the rest depends upon you. Embellish your backpack corner with magnificent backpacks and other designs by unleashing your inner creativity.