There’s nothing quite like the firm, soft, functional style of the classic Herschel Backpack, and you wonder if there’s any way to clean it. Or how to properly wash a Herschel Backpack? Or even how to properly clean a Herschel Backpack in the first place?

Some very basic guidelines will make cleaning your backpack a breeze in just about any circumstance.

Let’s take a look at these guidelines in detail.


1st Step – Carefully Read Washing Instruction

Carefully Read Washing Instruction

First, always use the proper washing instructions. When we refer to “washing” our backpacks, we mean the washing instructions which come with our specific pack. For example, if you have a pink bag, you should not wash it using liquid laundry detergent or soap. Instead, use water and a gentle, fragrance-free detergent to do the job. Many manufacturers of high-quality backpacks offer great washing instructions that are easy to follow. Many third-party websites also provide excellent guidelines on washing backpacks.

2nd Step – Rinse your Backpack

Second, keep your backpack inside out. You can use cold water or hot water when washing your backpack. Once you’ve got it clean and dry, place it inside the bag outside to air-dry. Be sure to close the zipper to ensure complete air circulation.

Next, thoroughly rinse your backpack off with warm water and a strong detergent. Ensure that all soap residue and products are completely removed from the fabric and the bag itself. Then, rinse the bag off again with very hot water, making sure and drying it thoroughly before packing it up for storage. Do not put the bag back into the house until the soap has dried completely.

3rd Step – Use a Mild Soap

Use a Mild Soap

Third, use a gentle liquid laundry detergent for washing your backpacks. There are many different brands available, so you will want to find one that is appropriate for the material of your backpack. For most other types of clothing, you can use mild soap, such as Dove. However, if your bag is made from a more delicate fabric, you may want to use a stronger liquid detergent, such as Dawn. Again, check the label for recommendations. Mild soap will leave your clothes cleaner but will be stronger on plastic than on cloth.

4Th Step – Use a Washer with a Basket

Fourth, use a washer with a basket. Place the soap inside the basket while it’s still in the washing machine. When the washing machine puts out the soap, remove the backpack from the washer and set it aside. Now, close the door of the washer with the handle nearest to you. In a few minutes, the bag will be cleaned.

Use a Washer with a Basket

5th Step – Hang your Backpack

Hang your Backpack

Fifth, if necessary, take the backpack outside to the garden to wash it. You’ll probably find that the washer is too large to get into the house, or you don’t have enough space to open the door. In that case, you will need to rent a washing machine and a garden hose. Let the backpack hang by the door, making sure it is straight and upright, and turn on the device.

6th Step – Air Dry

Once the backpack has been through each stage of these five steps, it will be ready for the final stage: air drying. The best thing about washing your Herschel backpack by hand is that it is very easy. All you need is water, a washing machine, a push button, and a short time. In less than an hour, your backpack will be as good as new. You’ll notice the difference in the fabric from day to day and from week to week.

Air Dry


 Fill the Washer up with High-Temperature Water:

To start washing your backpack, fill the washer up with warm water. It’s better to use a high temperature rather than a low or medium setting, as the higher temperature can help to kill bacteria. Then, fill the machine with the desired amount of liquid and push the button to start washing.

Use Gentle Strokes:

When you wash your backpacks, always use gentle strokes and clean them thoroughly. Use the gentle soap recommended by the manufacturer and rinse gently, being careful not to scrub the fabric too hard. After each wash, lay the garment out to air dry. For heavy materials, lay each item individually and work them into place, using the sewing machine to hem them as you go. The best backpacks have no wrinkles and are made of the finest material.

Completely dry your backpack before using it:

When your backpack is cleaned and dried, store it in a cool, dry location. This helps prevent damage from occurring due to exposure to heat. If you want to reuse your bag, you can place it in an outside laundry bag and allow it to dry on its own. To wash a Herschel backpack, it is important to make sure that you never leave water on the bag itself, as this will cause the colors to fade. You can also hang it up for drying, but do not use the washer or any other machine on the bag itself due to potential damage to the stitching. For heavy materials, it is best to keep the Herschel bag outside.