Jansport Big Campus Backpack

When it comes to backpacks and bags, you might want to carry all house in them. That might feel like an exaggerated statement, but for every student, the bag is a magic closet that gives them anything they ask for., from gadgets to keys and their next science project they want to carry everything around.

Moreover, if you are more inclined to trips and tours, the backpack becomes your ground reality. And when your bag has more pockets, things get excited even more. Speaking of packs, we can’t simply forget the Jansport for its top-notch backpacks.

If you are looking for JanSport big campus backpack and want to learn more about the ins and outs of this product, read this guide till the end.

About Jansport Backpack

JanSport has been established since 1967, becoming a leading name for reliable student backpacks throughout the years. Their classic packs have accompanied numerous students during years of education, and they are possibly the most well-known bag manufacturer on any campus globally.

Each item in their excellent assortment of backpacks demonstrates their everlasting commitment to offering the market durable and high-quality bags for school, college and recreational use.


JanSport’s Big Student Backpack is the solution to all of your problems as a student. It includes two large pockets that can hold all of your textbooks and notes, and it boasts S-curve shoulder straps and a cushioned back panel for all-day comfort.

Jansport Big Campus Backpack

Bag Specifications

  • Capacity: 2100 cu in / 34 L
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 17.5″ x 13″ x 10″
  • Laptop Sleeve Dimensions: 15″ x 10.2″ x 1″

Features of Jansport Big Campus

  • 600 denier poly construction
  • Zipper closures with silver lining
  • Versatile pockets, including five interiors and four exterior pockets
  • Good 34-liter capacity
  • Dedicated laptop sleeve
  • Ultra-comfortable S-curve shoulder straps
  • Padded back panel for hauling comfort
  • Web haul handle

Simple yet Elegant Design

The JanSport big campus backpack boasts a simple yet elegant design. The minimalist style of the backpack with solid color gives you trendy and modern looks. Moreover, the 34 L size of the bag is just right for your school ventures since it does not get too big for you and is not too small that you have to carry stuff in hand. The 600 Denyer fabric makes for the best durability that you seek for all year round backpack.

Pocket Rich Design

This backpack includes all of the features that a kid may want in a school bag. It’s a perfect size, neither too big nor too little, to fit high school students‘ frenetic and busy lifestyles. Its two huge pockets and multipurpose front pocket with organizer guarantee that you not only have all you require, yet that you can locate it quickly. 

You can take all of your possessions on your shoulders and leave your hands free thanks to a total of 5 internal slip pockets and four external pockets, along with a water bottle holder. It’s composed of 600 denier polyester, one of the hardest and sturdiest materials available, so that you can count on it no problem how hectic or demanding your college life is. You may use it outside as well!

Comfortable Shoulder Straps

Jansport Big Campus Backpack straps

As students have to carry everything in their shoulders, they need a comfortable backpack to take the bag all day. The JanSport big campus backpack has the iconic S-curved shoulder that contour to your back. The cushioning and mesh fabric on the shoulder and back of the bag make for comfortable walking all day long. Along with the shoulder strap, the web haul handle also makes for convenient carrying of a backpack.

Lightweight with more capacity

While the bag is versatile enough to use for college or outdoor, it is also light to carry. You put everything in your backpack so far that you need to have a lightweight bag itself. The 0.6kg of the extensive campus makes it remarkable for carrying the stuff around. Moreover, it also offers more capacity with its pocket-rich design.

Should I Buy Jansport Big Campus?

For high school students, the JanSport Big Student Backpack is an excellent choice. It is compact yet roomy, and the comfy straps and cushioned back strip guarantee that even when loaded with big books, the pack won’t hurt your neck or back. JanSport has mastered the art of the student’s bag with this version, which includes everything you need.

Feedback from customers on this bag confirms that it is a gift from the heavens for youngsters. Parents have remarked that purchasing this bag will save them money over the long term because buying a cheap or inadequately crafted bag for their children would cause them to shelve it.

Though after years of throwing it into closets and pushing it into the flooring of school buses, this bag still looks great. There are also numerous testimonials from zappos who are not teenagers who have bought this backpack and are pleased with how it functions even in the woods.

If you are worried about ease, the ratings suggest that this backpack relieves the strain on your back; if you are hauling pounds of weight of books, you’ll barely notice the burden.

Nevertheless, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the zippers. Given that it’s a JanSport brand and not inexpensive, many people have been upset by how rapidly the zippers wear out.

However, the zippers can be easily replaced with a new one which is not a problem. Overall this backpack is the perfect pick for anyone looking for organizing and carrying stuff around.

Can you put a Jansport backpack in the dryer?

In the dryer, you can put almost anything. “At what temperature should I dry my backpack in the dryer?” is the question to be answered. To answer such question succinctly, one must first understand the item’s make-up. Set the dryer on low or no heat and tumble until nearly dry, inspecting it every 15-20 minutes from beginning to end. After that, hang it to dry entirely. If the shape of the backpack is important to you, immediately after removing it from the dryer and before hanging it to dry, stuff it with crumpled newspaper.

Even though the Jansport Backpack can be dried, this is not a suggested approach. Allowing the bag to air dry is the ideal method. If you must use a dryer, make sure it is set to the lowest heat setting. Also, to avoid burn marks, don’t leave your pack in the dryer for too long.

Rather than risk damaging the features of your precious Jansport Backpack by using a dryer, you should clean and dry your backpack the right way.

The Takeaway?

You can make the transition to improve your academic life. The JanSport Big Student bag is best bought on Amazon since no one else sells it for less. This backpack will arrive within a few days after your ordering, so you’ll be ready to take on the following day at school like a champ.

This bag could be the last bag you will purchase for college because of its convenience, capacity, and durability. The JanSport Big Student Backpack is an excellent option for students since it allows you to concentrate on your studies by doing all of the heavy lifting for you. It appears in a fashion that speaks to people of all ages, and it’s a timeless option.

Jansport Big Campus Backpack