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The gist of a Product Review is that the analysis of all of the information and metrics gathered throughout the evolution process, in addition to a qualitative usability evaluation. Due to such strategy, we can detect missing features in the client’s program, assess the customer’s outstanding wants and gauge the app general potential. In the following guide, we’ll discuss some suggestions about the best way best to make it through a Product Review process successfully and compose reports like a professional.For a consequence of an extensive evaluation of this program, the customer receives a report at which we summarize all of outstanding issues and propose solutions. In the span of a two-week-long product inspection process, we heard a great deal about the significance of communication, time management in addition to the workings of this reviewing process as a whole. There were items that we might have done better and there have been certain things we might need to bear in mind next time. Here we recorded the most important of these:

1. Before we start: Making sure we have all data. If not – adapt.

It’s essential for an effective PRV to operate together with the real merchandise and have unlimited access to each and every piece of information. But, there are times when you’ll need to wait around for some of it. Do not wait patiently — remain effective. Handle your procedure in a means that enables attaining the best possible benefits and work on portions of the system you’ve got access to. Use the waiting time to examine another element of the item, as an instance, the usability. Do not assume that customers will be absolutely ready for a product review . They’ll fail to provide one of the things you ask and they’ll forget you’re awaiting them if you don’t ask many occasions. In our instance, the customer promised they’d provide us access to Google Analytics ASAP. Just five times ). We delivered reminders in each email and Slack message. If we weren’t working on something different in the meantime, then we’d be wasting our customer’s time and money.

2. Work like a Professional, speak like a User, Use simple words to describe things.

Alright, we understand — we now have our superpowerswe view all facets of a bad UI and UX in a glance and we could explain it using fancy words which are perfectly clear to other Product Reviewers. This does not automatically indicate that the typical user or customer will know the jargon. You shouldn’t force the customer to decipher your words, exactly the exact same way that you shouldn’t make an individual consider utilizing the interface you made. So keep it simple: decrease the amount of technical terms and acronyms into the absolute minimum. Also, when describing topics utilize sample user reports. It is going to make everything a lot easier to comprehend.

3. We provide product review on the basis of what is not what will be.

Nothing is set in stone in the World Wide Web, and each site evolves too. Content is continually changing, attributes are added and webpages are growing. In your critique, concentrate on regions of the item which are available to its customers right now. In our instance we understood that the development group was operating behind the scenes to bring some new attributes, however, their work could not become part of this report as it was not only ready yet. It’s true, you are able to write some ideas concerning the staging views, but remember they are still work in progress and will most likely be changed many times until they go public, and therefore don’t spend too long on these.

4. Don’t trust numbers (blindly).

5. We avoid making quick and vague notes. Especially if they’re not in english.

6. We manage our time carefully.

7. Not every product is equally important.

8. We always have a plan B.

9. Presentation time!


  • Clarity about what works and What Doesn’t work on your Merchandise
  • Deeper understanding on your Customers
  • A Massive list of things to Enhance on your Merchandise

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